And The Show Must Go On

All of us here at Black Dog Runs Disney – human and canine – would like to extend our sincerest congratulations to Germany for their HUGE win over Argentina for the title of 2014 FIFA World Cup Champions!

Hey Ma!  Look what I got!

Hey Ma! Look what I got!

My conundrum now – NOW what am I supposed to watch???  Oh yeah, hot guys in tight shorts with great legs!  Who’s with me?!

Hi there!

Hi there!

Enjoy the ride.

Who were you rooting for on Sunday?  Do you follow the Tour de France?  Do you appreciate guys with great legs?

We Will Return To Our Regularly Scheduled Program…

As the Black Dog house is completely on the World Cup bandwagon, we will be returning to our regularly scheduled programming on Wonder Mutt Wednesday tomorrow.  Until then…..

USA soccer

Enjoy the ride.

Is your house as obsessed with World Cup competition as we are?  Even the Wonder Mutt was celebrating Team USA’s first goal!