Round Two

If you’ve been paying any attention to my little corner of the blogosphere for a while, then you remember how hesitant I was to go back to gym world (here).  Dealing with gym rats who have to scream while dropping their weights on the floor, kids who’d rather take up a bench while texting their buddies instead of actually oh, I don’t know, WORKING OUT, and my all time favorite, inconsiderate you-know-whats who’ve never wiped off a machine in their life, were just a few of the big reasons I wasn’t looking forward to handing over my hard-earned cash and having to deal with that crap.  Again.



Seeing as I really had no choice though, as I had put myself on a running hiatus in the vain hope of curing my ITBS-that-really-wasn’t-ITBS-after all, back to the gym I went.  And for the most part, I stuck with it.  That’s not to say there weren’t a few times the hubby and I walked in, put in a half hour of cardio, and walked right back out again.  If for no other reason then there were too many friggin’ annoying people in there. Yes, I AM that person.  SO CLEAN YOUR SWEAT OFF THE DAMN BIKE.

gym sweatPost-surgery took more out of me that I had realized, so getting back there – even to do some upper body work – took longer than I would have liked.  Turned out just humping around on crutches and then gimping around in something that might be mistaken for ‘N Sync’s Bye Bye Bye video, would have me making a beeline for my couch and super knee cooler machine at the end of the day.


Turns out all I needed was an extra week to get my poop together and a slight change of scenery.  We recently found out our gym had opened up another club considerably closer to our humble abode.  Oh HAPPY DAY.  With barely contained excitement – all right, so maybe it was more like slightly wary trepidation – you know what we did?  (No, BEFORE we hit the celebratory margaritas.)  Off to the new workout digs we go.  And you know what?  It was pretty damn awesome.



It’s amazing what some space, big windows, and fewer members of the younger persuasion can do to one’s fragile workout psyche.  And being the investigator-type that he is, the hubs asked around about the yellinggymrat/benchwarmer/noncleaningsweatycreep population.  We were happy to find that so far – as it is a very new facility – the aforementioned jerks are few and far between.  And the best part?

Yeah buddy!

Yeah buddy!

Sadly, it’s probably going to be at least another month before I can even think about jumping on one of these bad boys.  Especially since there’s this little issue of me not being able to oh….BEND MY FREAKING KNEE. YET.  And as we all know, I am a study in patience.


That’s me.

Mother of All Things Patience.

Not. Even. Close.

Not. Even. Close.

But I’m excited anyway.  I hit that treadmill with a vengeance.  Walked a whole mile.  Took me 23 minutes, but I WALKED A WHOLE DAMN MILE PEOPLE.  WITH A GIMPY LEG.  CAN I GET A WHOO HOO?

whoo hoo

Sure….(ahem)……WHOOOO HOOOOO!!!!!!

Stay tuned.  This is gonna get exciting.  Or not.  Probably not.  I like to keep you guessing.

Enjoy the ride.

Has a change of scenery ever improved your workout attitude?  Ever wish you could just drop a dumbbell on somebody’s foot?  Have you ever been THAT person who everyone wants to drop a dumbbell on your foot?  Did it hurt?

Let’s Get This Party Started

This is really just a lame attempt at trying to get myself psyched up for another dreaded Monday….

Monday humor(source)

I am happy to report that after the hubby and I decided to rejoin the gym world, my first workout was a really good one.  Since the hubby is still making inhuman noises in his sleep thanks to his cold, he begged off for a few more days, so I flew solo for a leg workout.  I’m at T-minus 59 days until I can run again, and plan on making sure I don’t have a repeat performance of the dreaded ITBS like back at the Donald Half in January.

Run away ITBS, run away!

Run away ITBS, run away!

I have to admit it felt SO good beat up the gams again!  Following a 20-minute interval warm-up on the ARC machine, I proceeded to squat, extend, raise, abduct, and adduct my way into lactic acid heaven.

PicMonkey Collage

Needless to say, I’m walking a little funny today, but it was oh-so worth it.

As a proud member of Team #RunDisney, part of this month’s Photo-A-Day-Challenge, was to submit your goals.  This is what I came up with:

March Goals

I think after sweating up a storm by adding in bodyweight exercises in between each set of machines, I hit at least part of #1 and #2 with no trouble whatsoever.  I even did pretty well with the cleaner eating.  (Right up until the scoop of vanilla ice cream with Thin Mints added to look like Mickey Mouse just before hitting the hay…heavy sigh…)

After the how-much-more-can-the-legs-actually-do-beatdown, I was ready to chow down on some kale salad and hit the couch at my favorite bar – conveniently located on my back patio -with this girl.

Soooo tired....

Soooo tired….

Six bottles of Propel, what felt like three pounds of shrimp and pasta salad, and eight episodes of Game of Thrones later, the Wonder Mutt and I were ready to call it a day.  Curse you On Demand TV!

Enjoy the ride.

What goals have you set for yourself this month?