Thank You Veterans



On this most reverent of days, everyone here at Black Dog Productions wish to take a moment and thank those who sacrifice so much for our country.  Without you, we would never be able to enjoy the freedoms that we do.  We thank you for your service and your sacrifice, not only today, but every day.

Enjoy the ride.

When The Brakes Fail

They didn’t exactly fail, but they certainly didn’t work as well as I would have liked.

On my way home yesterday, I almost became a statistic.  As I was tooling down the road on my way to the gym, Bonehead #1 decided he just COULD NOT wait, and pulled out right in front of me.  Thanks to some quick reflexes and no traffic next to me, I was able to slam on the brakes – which felt like total mush – swerved to avoid a collision, and kept my Jeep from rolling.  As I proceeded down the road, I knew the inevitable adrenaline dump was coming and prepared for it.  Shaking hands and racing heartbeat?  Why yes, thank you for making an appearance.  But, I was fine, no harm, no foul.  Pissed off?  Well, I AM human after all.

Oh yeah, I was PISSED.

Oh yeah, I was PISSED.

It may sound overly dramatic, (sure as heck does to me), especially since the whole incident lasted maybe five seconds.  But it did make me stop, and in about a second and half (THIS time),  I decided going to the gym suddenly wasn’t quite as important as going home, hugging the hubby, giving the Wonder Mutt proper belly rubs, having a glass of wine, and appreciating the view from this little tiki bar I know.  Because when something happens that makes you realize how quickly life can turn on a dime, everything seems just a little more…well….perfect.

island slippers1

Mutt Profile1Lake1

Enjoy the ride.

Have you ever had a really scary incident?  How did you react to it?  Did it make you see things differently afterward?

What Are You Thankful For?

Ever gather the family together around the table on Thanksgiving, and one by one, say what you were thankful for?  Yeah, me neither.  I think.  I don’t actually remember.  However, I DO remember our meals looking quite similar to this…

food fight

Okay, maybe not QUITE that messy, but you get the general idea.  A houseful of extended family always led to arguments about politics, interrogations of new love interests, and whether or not the Red Sox would go all the way next season.  It was loud, crazy, dysfunctional, and I loved every minute of it.  Except when I got stuck on dish duty.  And I ALWAYS got stuck on dish duty.

These days it’s about spending the day with our besties, watching football, and taking bets on whose mutt is going to win the latest episode of Puppy Smackdown.  It’s quiet, mostly calm, relaxing, and I love every minute of it.  But every so often, I think back to those Thanksgiving Days of noise and chaos, and my heart aches just a little bit.  It’s okay to feel a little nostalgic for the past every so often isn’t it?


This time of year is always tough for me.  I never feel the loss of my dad more strongly than between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  And my poor hubby makes himself crazy trying to keep me from feeling too sad.  It’s gotten better over the years, and I know my Pops would be seriously pissed if he knew I was wasting time getting all weepy-faced.  So I wallow in self-pity for a minute and a half, and succumb to the bizarre, freakish, disjointed movements that the hubby considers his best dance moves, all in an effort to cheer me up.  Relax baby, works every time.

You rock baby!

Rock those moves baby!

So along with being blessed with amazing friends (you know who you are ladies and gentlemen), an even more amazing husband, a caring yoga instructor, the ability to move and bend and breathe, a job that pays for me to travel the world or just a few hours away to Disney, the ability to run – at least again some day soon – and the world’s greatest Wonder Mutt, I have plenty to be thankful for.  And I try to remember that every time I get annoyed with the stinky lady at the gym, aggravated at the amazing selfishness of some of the people I work with, or the fact that my Giants keep stinkin’ up the joint.

Bad. Ass.

Can we PLEASE get our act together guys???

Now I’m going to throw this challenge out into the Bloggerverse – I challenge you to think of three things you are most thankful for.  Keep them close in mind.  And the next time you end up next to the stinky person at the gym, recite them to yourself.  At least until said stinkybutt moves away from you.  Then you can add that to your list of things to be grateful for as well.



Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone!


Enjoy the ride.

Let’s get this party started!  Let’s hear what you’re most thankful for.  Ready?  Tag, you’re it!!