When Life Gets In The Way…Again

Heeeellllloooooooo there faithful readers!  Remember me?  The funny looking chick who seems to be spending more time doing this than anything else lately?

Make it stop!!!!

Make it stop!!!!

My job has gotten entirely too out of hand and has been taking a toll on everything.  E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G.  The stress level is always high, but for the past few months, it’s gotten completely out of hand.  As I’m a firm believer in keeping work at work, you can only imagine how frustrated I am at not being able to do that very thing.  It’s affecting my weight, my mood, my sleep, and my energy level.  And just looking at that makes me feel even worse – if that’s at all possible at this point – as it seems to be an All About Me Pity Party.  Really Black Dog?  Who DOESN’T have all that crap affecting their life?



One bad thing about all this is how it’s been literally sucking the life out of me, and the one thing I do to help keep my brain from imploding is to write random crap on this blog and hope that someone out there finds it slightly amusing.  With things being as they are lately though, I haven’t had the energy, or the time, to put said random crap together into any way, shape, or form, that anyone may even find minutely entertaining.  And that just sucks the big one.



So forgive me fellow Black Dog Mutts, for not delivering the kind of low-quality, vaguely laugh-inducing, occasional deep-thought producing nonsense you may or may not have become used to finding here,  I promise it will get better.  Once I either hit Powerball or invent something that causes idiotic drivers to suddenly find themselves buried in whipped cream when they drive with their heads up their dupas.

I fail to see the humor in this situation.

I fail to see the humor in this situation.

Enjoy the ride.

How’s life been treating you lately?  Stress seem to be taking up more room in your life than it should?  How do you deal with it?  Margaritas?  Throwing furniture?  Puppy belly rubs?

Stress? Just Pee On It and Walk Away

As I sat here thinking about what I wanted to pollute my little corner of the internet with today, I started going though the extensive collection of pictures stored on my laptop.  It was no surprise the majority of the photos were of the three dogs I’ve had over the years, Ocean, Aspen, and of course now Calypso the Wonder Mutt.  As I browsed through the pictures, one thing became very apparent.  When you’re a dog, life is nothing but a big game of playing, eating, and just plain old silliness.



At the same time I was going through the pictures, the hubs said he was feeling tense and aggravated, leading to his blood pressure being a bit high.  The weird thing was, he had no idea why.  It was a gorgeous south Florida day, with a nice breeze blowing , the sun shining, and no plans except to cook out on the grill.  In other words, a pretty typical Sunday in the Black Dog household.  Which made me think – why can’t we all just take life the same way our dogs do?

Boogie fever, I got to boogie down!

Boogie fever, I got to boogie down!

I have these moments every so often, where I ponder life’s big questions – which bottle of wine shall I partake of today? Should I buy the Moose Tracks or make my own?  Should I go with the plain dark chocolate or the salted caramel dark chocolate?  You know, life’s BIG questions.

Ice cream.  Makes everything better.

Ice cream. Makes everything better.

I think recognizing what stresses us, and making the conscious decision to just chill the heck out, can go a long way to making life a bit more enjoyable.  I always like to try to take my dog’s view on life, like here.  Life is a party, just feed me, play with me, and occasionally rub my belly, and all is good in the world.  I know as humans it can’t always be quite that simple, but hey, we can always give it a shot, can’t we?

Calypso nap1


So the next time you find yourself stressing out over what, in the end, usually turns out to be over something stupid, then just find your inner puppy.  And if you can’t, then just bark at whatever may be invading your perfect world.  Even if it is just a kayak.

Think you can row on MY lake?!?!!!

Think you can row on MY lake?!?!!!

Enjoy the ride.

How do you handle stuff that stresses you out?  Can you get it under control or do you let things really get to you?  Do you think you would feel better if you barked at a kayak?

When Life Gets In The Way

Ever have one of those days weeks when you start out with the best of intentions and everything just goes to total dog poop?  Welcome to my life this week.



It started out great with a pretty awesome 7 mile run on Sunday.  I got the dupa up early enough to avoid the nasty, sticky mess that has been the setting for my weekends runs lately, and headed out into blessed shade and slightly cooler temps.  After beating my goal time, I came home, threw on my snazzy new compression socks, and proceeded to do nothing except eat a nice, healthy lunch and sport this awesome-sauce look.

Fuzzy slippers ROCK.

Fuzzy slippers rock.

A few hours later, my left knee started feeling a little achy.  I ignored it and off to bed I went.  Then I woke up Monday morning and DUHN DUHN DUHN (insert dramatic music here), the other knee decided the first one was lonely and decided to get on the achy train too.


So thinking that after all my aches and knee pain that I may have gained just a pixie dust amount of runner smarts – and with some objective advice from the hubs – I bowed out of my scheduled run and stuck to the dreaded foam roller, IT band exercises, ice, and some muscle stim, in the hopes of getting things right again in my world.  Alas, these stupid, friggin’, frog-flipping, insert any number of colorful language terms here – knees refused to cooperate and it just simply was not meant to be.  I woke up again on Tuesday with that blasted achiness.  I think my face probably looked somewhat similar to this.

Don't talk to me. Ever.

Don’t talk to me. Ever.

Being the concerned hubs that he is, instead of going to the gym, he suggested hitting the pool instead.  Now I’m far from a good swimmer, but after 20 minutes of lap work, both my head and my legs felt considerably better.  I knew come Wednesday I’d be ready to hit the pavement again.  Until my LIFE decided to get in the way.

oh come on

That’s when I took a step back, reminded myself to breathe, and in the immortal words of Elsa, just let it go.  If there is one thing us runners sometimes have a hard time figuring out, is once in a while, life IS going to get in the way and eff everything up.  Miles won’t get run, weights won’t get lifted, crunches won’t get crunched.  And it’s all OKAY.  Sometimes you just gotta be fluid.  Like melty Jello-O.



Life throws enough crap at us so there’s no point in getting all worked up over the crap you can’t control.  Like people running late, bluetooths that keep disconnecting you, and certain little black dogs burping their fish dinner pleasantly in your face.



So the next time you find yourself about to go postal over what is probably something REALLY stupid, take that step back for a second.  And breathe.  And if you still want to kick someone after that, knock yourself out.  Or someone else.  Whatever flattens your ears.

stress cat


Enjoy the ride.

Do you get stressed out when life gets in the way of your training or do you just go with the flow?

Why Do YOU Run Disney?

A short time ago, runDisney started a new campaign.  This one encouraged people to submit their stories as to why they started running and especially running Disney races.  The idea caught on like wildfire and runners from all walks of life with all kinds of stories have been submitting videos to the website.  From Kimberly Sherrin, who, after facing the real possibility of being a paraplegic after a devastating car crash, to Dominic Alexander, who suffered a traumatic brain injury after falling headfirst off a ladder, to Ryan Miller, who simply set a goal for himself to get healthy and finish the 2014 Walt Disney World Half marathon, everyone has a story.  Which begs the question yet once again – why do YOU run Disney?


I guess the better question to start with is why do you run?  Not one to assume the reasons other runners choose this crazy life, I can only answer for myself.  Let me just throw out the dollar alerts now – my answers will more than likely be all over the place.  Hang on, the ride’s about to get a little hairy.



1.  Prevention of beached whale status: like any typical member of the female species, I prefer to not look a fright in running tights, skinny jeans, or bathing suits.  What better way to keep the poundage under control than by logging in the miles? Now, God knows I’ll never look like this…

For God's sake, EAT something!

For God’s sake, EAT something!

…but I’m completely good with that.  And so is the hubby.  So I think I’m good there.

2.  Prevention of complete and utter mental destruction: I know there’s a bunch of you out there nodding your heads at this one.  Yup, I see you.  And you.  And yes you,  the one with the funny mustache.  I see you.  How many times have you come home from work, wishing you could have just wrapped your fingers around your boss’s neck and squeezed the ever-living crap out of him?  Been there, haven’t done that.  Yet.  But throw on those running shoes, head out the door, and once again all is right with the world.



3.  The perfect excuse to speak to people you never would have had the nocciolines to otherwise:  Strike up a conversation with a total stranger in the starting corrals for absolutely no obvious reason?  Sure!  Agree to indulge in a few Dole Whips with real live human beings you’ve never actually met but know their spouses, kids, dogs, chafing issues, blisters, rotting toenails, and gastrointestinal upsets?  Gotta love Facebook!  Donate to some guy running some marathon somewhere because you’ve had deep Twitter discussions as to whether or not Journey is considered “classic” music?  Why not, LINZIE?  (And if you really have to look up nocciolines, you have absolutely NO imagination.) 🙂

Now, put all those together in the most magical place on earth and what have you got?  C’mon, all together now…

I'm going to Disney World!  Oh, wait a minute....

I’m going to Disney World! Oh, wait a minute….

And THAT my friends, is why I run Disney.

So the next time you find yourself wondering why you’re putting yourself through the aforementioned black toenails or running rot-gut, think about this.  At some point in their lives, Kimberly, Dominic, and Ryan probably thought they would never see the finish line of a Disney race.  Then they went and proved to themselves that they could do just that.  And so can you.  You just have to…


Enjoy the ride.

Why do YOU run?  Disney or elsewhere?