Wonder Mutt Wednesday

"Shhh....okay, he's got 5 biscuits, 2 hot dogs, and t-bone.  Medium rare."

“Shhh….okay, he’s got 5 biscuits, 2 hot dogs, and a one pound T-bone. Medium rare.  With steak sauce”

Enjoy the ride.

Ever wonder at your mutt’s ability to control her senses?  Like when you’re screaming for them to come back in the house and they pretend like they can’t hear you?  Or when you oh so quietly lift the lid to the cookie jar and they suddenly appear out of nowhere?  What are some of your critters hidden talents?

Friday Funny

As the thermometer in my car hit 86 degrees at 5:30 yesterday afternoon, I realized what a smart decision it was – almost 20 years ago now, (yikes!) – to move to a more tropical kind of setting.  So in honor of my frozen friends to the north, my sympathies, and warmest hugs, go out to you.

FF Winter dogs

Enjoy the ride.

Hope your weekend doesn’t turn you into a popsicle!  And for Wonder Mutt’s sake, keep those transmissions from dragging too low!  Happy Friday faithful friends!