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Enjoy the ride.

Are you a diehard music runner or do you prefer to hear yourself slowly dying?  Do you go into vapor lock if your music dies mid-race?  Do you then engage in providing your own music?  Have you been subjected to Team Can-Am’s race singalong shenanigans?

Best of luck to everyone running the Dark Side Challenge at Disney World this weekend!  May the Force be with you!

Don’t forget!  I’ll be making my return to racing on May 8th, courtesy of the Wings for Life World Run.  Please visit my page and donate today.  Together we can help stamp out spinal cord injuries!

Beat Those Monday Blues…Disney Style!

It’s Monday!  And you know what that means….no?  Well let me tell ya!  It’s time for the Magical Mickey linkup over at  So be a good Disney Dork and go check it out.  Now.  Go!  Now!

Happy Monday Black Dog peeps!  Well, not really but let’s fake it shall we?  Mondays always seem to be so much worse when the previous weekend rocked.  Like….oh, mine!  And the Wonder Mutt’s.



In an effort keep the Monday blues away, I thought I’d come up with a few of my favorite Disney things – because Disney almost always makes me happy.  I say almost.  Can we stop printing money just long enough to maybe make the prices of just about, I don’t know, EVERYTHING a little more reasonable?  That would make me VERY happy.  See?

Mickey biscuits on sale?  Yippeeeee!!!

Mickey biscuits on sale? Yippeeeee!!!

So here goes – in no particular order….

1.  Hanging out in my favorite cave with my favorite peeps.

Well hi there!

Well hi there!

2.  People watching in World Showcase.

The meltdowns are the best.

The meltdowns are the best.

3.  Hanging out with these characters in Hollywood Studios.

"Quack, quack!"

“Quack, quack!”

4.  Listening to the amazing voices at the Candlelight Processional.



5.  And probably my favoritest(?) of them all???  Watching Illuminations with my favorite guy, singing every single word to the entire show.  Because I AM that much of a Dork.



Since I’m pretty sure your list of favorite things to do at Disney is even longer – as mine is, but my attention span is WAY too short to keep going – please feel free to regale me with some of your great stuff!  Like hanging out at your hotel bar playing “Guess How Exhausted the Screaming Kids Are?”  Or is “How Many Parks Have The Kamikaze Clan Hit Today?” more your style?  Whatever it may be, let’s hear it!  You never know where your next great Disney idea may come from.

thinking cat


Enjoy the ride.

Here’s your chance loyal readers and fellow Disney Dorks!  Tell me what your favorite things are to do at Disney and I’ll see how I can turn them into the next round of Great Disney Shenanigans!

Let the Games Begin!

It’s official.  The madness has begun.

Disney Marathon

Facebook is burning up with all the last minute freakouts.  Kellie is about to go off the deep end.  Nicole is trying to keep her calm while battling a last minute germ attack.  It’s Marathon Madness at it’s best.  Not that I can blame any one of you.  Who wouldn’t freak, knowing this is waiting at the finish line?

Hello beautiful.

Hello beautiful.

As you may remember, I ran a disastrous Donald Half during Marathon Weekend last year.  Knee issues aside, it wasn’t my favorite race.  My apologies if I offend thee, but I will take the Wine and Dine course, (and late night start), over this race any day.  Except for the gospel singers.  Those people know how to party.

"Get thee to the finish liiiinnnnne!"

“Get theeee to the finish liiiinnnnne!”

Sadly, there seems to be a common thread weaving its way through all the race talk this year.  It seems like an inordinate amount of runners have recently suffered great losses in the last few weeks leading up to race weekend.  I can only send my love and best wishes that you may find peace and healing in the upcoming miles.  I know many of us find just that when hitting the pavement at our darkest times.

peaceful running

And if during what may feel like never-ending miles, you find yourself getting sad, and a little pick-me-up is in order, just look for these two.  Singing the entire litany of every Disney song ever written.  It’s guaranteed to cheer up even the Grumpiest of Dwarfs.

We roooccckkkk!!!

We roooccckkkk!!!

Best of luck to everyone running, singing, and volunteering this weekend.  Everyone here at Black Dog Productions is already proud of you.  Now….GO KICK SOME DUPA!!!


Enjoy the ride.

Who’s headed to Marathon Weekend?  Will you be running ALL the miles or just some of them?  Nervous?  No worries!  Kellie and Nicole will be taking requests!