And The Countdown Is On!

Unless you’ve been habitating under a rock for the past few weeks, then you know how amped up I’ve been to bring on my favorite runDisney event EVER.

wine and dine

With the race this weekend, and a little time carved out to, oh – GO TO THE PARKS – and hang out with my girls Kellie ,Nicole and Jenn, this week historically is total chaos in the Black Dog dog house.  And this week is no different.  Last few training runs, Wonder Mutt belly rubs, packing, Wonder Mutt belly rubs, hair appointments, Wonder Mutt belly rubs, nail appointments, Wonder Mutt belly rubs, chiro appointments, Wonder Mutt belly rubs, MRI appointments, Wonder Mutt belly rubs, and perhaps – though I highly doubt it – SLEEP – there won’t be much time for me to sit down and oh, actually BLOG.  So bear with me for the next week or so as the controlled chaos of all things Wine and Dine Half Marathon Madness ramps up to full speed.  Calypso and I will be sure to regale you with Wonder Mutt Wednesday and Friday Funny, and we will be back in full swing sometime next week.  Until then, run strong, run often, and never forget to indulge in multiple belly rubs. And cupcakes.  With Moose Tracks.

And to all those who completed the New York City Marathon yesterday –  especially Michelle, Steph, Danielle, and Nicole, you guys are MY HEROES!

Who says girls can't play???

Who says girls can’t play???


Enjoy the ride.

Who’s going to Wine and Dine this weekend?  Racing elsewhere?  What races have you got on tap?  Do you find yourself going crazy in the days leading up to race day?  What do you do to try to relax?