Merry Christmas!

Christmas 2015 1


Enjoy the ride.

From all of us here at Black Dog Productions, a very Merry Christmas to you and yours!  May your holiday be filled with fun, laughter, love, critters, good wine and great ice cream.  Wesołych Świąt!! (Merry Christmas for those of you Polish challenged!)

Wonder Mutt Wednesday

WMW fart dogs

When Bart suddenly realized Sally had gotten into the beans.

Enjoy the ride.

As we’re dealing with a bit of Wonder Mutt intestinal distress here at Black Dog Productions, tell us – have you ever had to deal with less than aromatic times with your critters?  What did they get into to cause such aromas?  Was the fire department called due to a potential gas leak?

Wonder Mutt Wednesday

"Shhh....okay, he's got 5 biscuits, 2 hot dogs, and t-bone.  Medium rare."

“Shhh….okay, he’s got 5 biscuits, 2 hot dogs, and a one pound T-bone. Medium rare.  With steak sauce”

Enjoy the ride.

Ever wonder at your mutt’s ability to control her senses?  Like when you’re screaming for them to come back in the house and they pretend like they can’t hear you?  Or when you oh so quietly lift the lid to the cookie jar and they suddenly appear out of nowhere?  What are some of your critters hidden talents?

Friday Funny

Not a moment too soon…..

FF Dog baby

Enjoy the ride.

And what kind of shenanigans do we have on tap for this weekend?  High mileage for Wine and Dine?  Some wining and some Dining?  Football shenanigans?  Football while wining and dining and causing all kinds of havoc-wreaking shenanigans?  Am I giving my weekend plans away too much?

Wonder Mutt Wednesday

Because sometimes it’s exhausting entertaining the hoomans…..


This is exhausting…..

Enjoy the ride.

Ever wonder what it’s like to be your dog?  How tiring it is to find the perfect spot to nap or just the right place to poo?  Or even understand what your darn people are talking about when they say get off the couch?

I’m SO Excited!!!!!



That’s it.


Thought there was more coming, didn’t ya?


HA HA HA, GOT YA!!!!!!

That ain't right Black Dog.

That ain’t right Black Dog.

Hee hee hee…..

For realz though, I AM awesomely excited for my return to the pavement.  I’m still currently limited to about a mile and quarter, but I’m okay with that.  For the moment.  PT Pam and I are breaking up – albeit temporarily – next week, but I shall continue to take it easy and ease myself back into the mileage.  As I still have that pesky other knee to keep happy, I still can’t go all stir crazy and go signing up for any marathons or anything, (no worries ladies, 2018 WDW is still a long way off).  In the meantime, I have to keep #KneeGate 2015 Part II happy until after Wine and Dine.  Then a quick bing-bang-boom and then BOTH knees should FINALLY be content to let me once again, beat the crap out of them.  This time though, training will involve alot more cross-training, therapy exercises, and a little less running.  Yep, two days a week this time around, plus I want to try and get a few runs of higher mileage – 15 to 17 miles – prior to Wine and Dine.  Let there be no mistake, Wine and Dine will be about nothing other than Team Can-Am Shenanigans, I just want to know that I can do the miles before I go under the happy juice again.

Oooooooooh, pwetty cowors.......

Oooooooooh, pwetty colors…….

So from here on out, it’s about slowly building mileage, cross-training, and not pushing it.  Well, not exactly pushing it.  Girlfriend just may have accidentally hit an 8:25 pace on her Independence Day run on Saturday, (never mind it was only for as long as it takes the signal to get to the satellite and back.  Still counts. So THERE.)



The next few weeks should be a good mix of sweat, pain, blood, and probably a few tears.  Just a typical training cycle right?  All good things.  All good things.

Olaf (1)

I like ice wraps!

Here’s my plan. With help from you dear faithful followers, I’m going to come up with a pretty conservative training plan that will start in two weeks, starting with a slow buildup of mileage and a little dab of speed work come September.  You know, just to see what the knees can handle.  I’d love it if you’d all throw out some suggestions as to how I should build this plan, including some weight work, therapy exercises, hopefully some spinning, and of course, moderate amounts of Moose Tracks and margaritas.

Did you really think I wouldn’t find some way to work those in there?  You know me so well…..

Hydration.  Black Dog style.

Hydration. Black Dog style.  With salt.  Of course.

Enjoy the ride.

Tell me a story.  You know, the one about the time you made a triumphant return to the pavement, kicked everyone’s dupa, and drank all the margaritas on the way to a PR.  Or, if the memory is a little fuzzy on the details, (damn tequila), then tell me the one about the talking snowman and the reindeer with an addiction to carrots.  I’m good either way. Thanks.

Wonder Mutt Wednesday

WMW pizza

Sometimes you just have to say damn the consequences…

Enjoy the ride.

How many times have you just seen those comic bubbles above your dog’s head when there’s food around?  Do you give in or toe a hard line?  If you don’t give in, do you have a heart?  What works best – the stare, the paw in the lap or, my favorite, the heavy sigh?

Friday Funny

I hate golf.  I really do.  But at the request of the hubs, who has spent the last 32 hours straight watching grown men walk up to a little ball, whack the crap out of it, just to walk up to it and whack the crap out of it AGAIN, here is the Black Dog Runs Disney salute to The Masters…

Toby, having been whacked in the head with one too many golf balls, started to experience visions of winning The Masters.

Toby, having been whacked in the head with one too many golf balls, started to experience delusions of grandeur and winning The Masters.

Enjoy the ride.

Is golf one of your favorite sports?  I don’t see the attraction, but that’s just me.  Unless you’re that guy who always wore those horrible pants and drank.  ALL THE TIME.  He was HILARIOUS.  Then again, I can do some pretty good damage at those mini-golf courses at Disney World.  How about you?  Happy weekend everybody!  Watch out for balls flying at your head.  hehehe…..