And We’re Off! Part 1

When we last parted ways I believe I was undergoing the fully expected pre-surgery freak out.

scary cat

All that kept spinning through my head was that stupid documentary I had watched umpteen years ago about people who had undergone anesthesia, but it didn’t work and they felt every.single.thing.  With my luck, I was going to be one of those freaky few whose anesthesia didn’t take and I was going to be seeing, hearing, and feeling EVERYTHING.  AAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!

freaky sponge

(SPOILER ALERT: Out like a light.  Took all of about a nanosecond.  Didn’t feel doodlysquat.)

Back to our regularly scheduled program…

Knowing that I wouldn’t be able to eat anything after midnight the night before, the hubs filled me up on cheese, tortellini, and of course, a nice bottle of Cabernet.  Because he’s awesome like that.


After finishing up the evening’s gut-busting with a bowl of vanilla ice cream mixed with dark chocolate pieces – go ahead, it’s okay to drool, I won’t tell anyone – it was time to face the inevitable…..girlfriend had less than 18 hours to go before the surgical shenanigans were to begin.  Yeah.  YOU try sleeping with THAT hanging out there.

can't sleep

Oh Homer, you are right on buddy.

When we return, I’ll take you on the laughable journey I like to call, “Black Dog’s Adventures of Arriving at the Hospital Early For Absolutely No Friggin’ Reason Whatsoever”.  On the next installment of “And We’re Off!. Part 2.”

Can’t hardly contain your self, can ya?



Enjoy the ride.

How were you able to sleep the night before your surgery?  Did you sleep better with some Cabernet, Merlot, or a Sauvignon Blanc?  Mint chip or Rocky Road?  Did it work, or was it an exercise in futility?  If you had to have surgery, how do you think you would be the night before?

When Life Gets In The Way…Again

Heeeellllloooooooo there faithful readers!  Remember me?  The funny looking chick who seems to be spending more time doing this than anything else lately?

Make it stop!!!!

Make it stop!!!!

My job has gotten entirely too out of hand and has been taking a toll on everything.  E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G.  The stress level is always high, but for the past few months, it’s gotten completely out of hand.  As I’m a firm believer in keeping work at work, you can only imagine how frustrated I am at not being able to do that very thing.  It’s affecting my weight, my mood, my sleep, and my energy level.  And just looking at that makes me feel even worse – if that’s at all possible at this point – as it seems to be an All About Me Pity Party.  Really Black Dog?  Who DOESN’T have all that crap affecting their life?



One bad thing about all this is how it’s been literally sucking the life out of me, and the one thing I do to help keep my brain from imploding is to write random crap on this blog and hope that someone out there finds it slightly amusing.  With things being as they are lately though, I haven’t had the energy, or the time, to put said random crap together into any way, shape, or form, that anyone may even find minutely entertaining.  And that just sucks the big one.


So forgive me fellow Black Dog Mutts, for not delivering the kind of low-quality, vaguely laugh-inducing, occasional deep-thought producing nonsense you may or may not have become used to finding here,  I promise it will get better.  Once I either hit Powerball or invent something that causes idiotic drivers to suddenly find themselves buried in whipped cream when they drive with their heads up their dupas.

I fail to see the humor in this situation.

I fail to see the humor in this situation.

Enjoy the ride.

How’s life been treating you lately?  Stress seem to be taking up more room in your life than it should?  How do you deal with it?  Margaritas?  Throwing furniture?  Puppy belly rubs?

Case of the Mush Brain

A major side effect of having a brain like a game show dollar machine, is the complete inability to get a good night’s sleep.  I will toss and turn for hours on end, willing my brain to show mercy and shut off, even if just for a few hours.  Sometimes, I actually win this battle, but alas, not very often.


It’s even worse when this lovely ugly monster rears it’s head on a Sunday night.  As if Mondays aren’t tough enough, spending my day doing my best Walking Dead imitation does not for a productive day make.

Walking Dead

In case you’re suffering from your own bout of braindead-ness (huh??), this is my way of apologizing to you dear reader, for the lack of stimulating, thought-provoking, literary genius-ness this fine February morning.  I promise to be back to my normal snarky self tomorrow and have a few brain cell provoking topics to blab about this week.   So as soon as I shake out of this…

sleepy cat

…and no longer look like this…



I promise to once again be the entertaining, witty, comedic talent, (I know, that one was really stretching it), you’ve come to know and love.  At least if I don’t end up like this.

crazy sleepy

Enjoy the ride.

(All photos courtesy of Pinterest.)

Do you ever suffer from insomnia?  How do you handle it?