Will You #RunforCharleston?

If you’ve been following my little corner of the blogoworld for the past few months, then you know what I’ve been dealing with having #brokeknee.  Now that I’ve been officially cleared to run again – can I get an amen – I found it rather ironic timing that I stumbled across this post from Abby over at Back at Square Zero just as I was making a painful, but victorious, return to the pavement.  Sometimes I think the runner gods really have their poop together.


One of my favorite things about the running community is the amazing ability to come together when tragedy strikes.  The senseless, brutal killings of nine people – in their place of worship no less – touched the hearts of people worldwide.  And as always seems to happen when tragedy hits us where it hurts the most, we band together and show hate that it has no place in sports, especially in running.

no hate

I have family in Charleston.  They’ve only lived there for a short time, but have fallen completely in love with the city, the people, and the charm that encompasses southern hospitality.  Their Facebook and Instagram feeds make me want to drop whatever I’m doing, throw the Wonder Mutt in the truck, and hit the road north, if for no other reason than to hang out in Waterfront Park and watch the world go by.  And maybe run a few miles while I’m at it.

Which brings me to the point of this particular ramble.  Join Abby, and me, and hopefully many, many other running peeps, and become a part of something bigger than yourself.  Make your RUNNING something bigger than yourself.  If not, then really….what’s the point?

This is such a no-brainer, the Wonder Mutt could even explain it to you.  Run nine miles, one for each person who died.  Do them all at once, or one at a time, whatever you want.  When you’ve done them all, donate $9 to the Mother Emanuel Hope Fund.  The funds will go to various organizations that were near and dear to the Pastor Pinkney’s heart.  Of course, you can always donate whatever your heart tells you to.

Let’s see how much we can flood social media with #RunforCharleston hashtags and help those less fortunate.

Hate tears us apart.

Let running bring us together.

no hate

Enjoy the ride.

If you’re looking for donation information, please see below.  Once again, thank you to Abby from Back at Square Zero for sharing this information.  Be sure to check out her blog!

“The Mother Emanuel Hope Fund has been created to benefit the families of the victims of the shooting at Mother Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, SC.”

To donate, text “PrayforCharleston” to (843)606-5995,
or go to http://bidr.co/events/prayforcharleston

Donations by check can be mailed to the following address:
Mother Emanuel Hope Fund
C/O City of Charleston
P.O. Box 304
Charleston, SC 29402

Will you run for Charleston?

Wonder Mutt Wednesday

With all the sadness that hate has fueled over the past few weeks, there is a lesson to be learned from  those beings who have no agenda...

With all the sadness that hate has fueled, last week especially, there is a lesson to be learned from those beings who have no agenda…

Enjoy the ride.

I don’t want to get on a soapbox here, but there is so much the human race can learn from our furry buddies.  If only we just took the time to watch and see how they interact with each other…

It’s All About…



I had planned on going in a somewhat different direction with this particular brain vomit, but events from this past weekend were just screaming for me to pounce on them.

If you have any interest in sports, then you know the annual NFL draft took place last week, culminating on Saturday.  It went like most typical drafts of the past, with bets being made on who would go first, what player each team might pick, who would give up picks for the chance of a better one in future drafts.  Then, with the 249th pick in the final round, the St. Louis Rams picked Michael Sams.  An openly gay player from Missouri, Sams was understandably overcome with emotion when his name was announced by Roger Goodell.  And like so many players whose names had been called 248 times before his, he hugged and kissed his significant other.  And unless you’ve been living under a rock the past few days, the ruckus started because the significant other just happened to be a man.  Oh, the horror.  (And yes, that was said with complete and utter sarcasm).

hate is easy

All this kid wants is to have the chance of fulfilling his dream of playing professional football, and to share that joy with someone he loves.  And once again, people found it necessary to voice their opinions about what should have been a celebration for a kid who has put in just as much blood, sweat, and tears, as any other player.  All just because they don’t agree with his sexual orientation.  What does it tell you when a 13 year-old girl says, “what’s the big deal?”  Perhaps that attitudes are changing?  We can only hope.

Now I know there may be some of you out there who were completely outraged by what you saw on TV.  Some of you may even be outraged at the very idea of homosexuality.  And you have that right.  Just as others have the right to live their lives AS THEY SO CHOOSE.  That’s why I find it so ironic that all of this occurred during a sports related event.  Aha!  Sports…once again, the great equalizer.

How Sams and his boyfriend choose to live their lives is their business.  I’m sure all they want is to be treated the same as any other couple, no better, no worse.  Isn’t that what you would want if you were in their position?  As athletes, I think we owe it to our ourselves, and our chosen sport, to keep hate out of it.  It seems every time you turn on ESPN, you’re hearing about kids, including athletes, committing suicide because of bullying.  Or African-Americans being denied access to play at snooty golf courses simply because of the color of their skin.  How about women being denied the simple right to play sports thus bringing about Title IX?  The mere fact that legislation had to be passed in the first place is nothing short of pathetic.

I could stay on my soapbox for a long time when it comes to this particular subject, but I will curb my yakkety-yakking for now.  Suffice it to say, and as I have said before, there’s no place for hate in sports.  Or anywhere.  Except maybe in baseball.

Bad Yankees!  Bad, bad Yankees!

Bad Yankees! Bad, bad Yankees!

It’s long past time for everybody to just keep things in perspective – what’s important – really, truly important – and what isn’t.  There’s a whole lot more important things to get our backs up about than who’s kissing who.

Enjoy the ride.

What do you think about the whole draft drama?



No Place for Hate – Changes in Attitudes

I think Mr. Buffett is on to something…

“These changes in latitudes, changes in attitudes
Nothing remains quite the same”

I had originally planned on making today’s post a trip into LiebsterLand, but just couldn’t pass up the chance to weigh in on the sheer idiocy of some members of class homo sapiens.  And that is probably giving said members a bit too much credit.

I believe the term is idiot.  Yes!  That's the one.

I believe the term is idiot. Yes! That’s the one.

What freaking rock did THIS guy crawl out from under?  It’s not very often the crap that falls out of people’s yaps surprises me, and sadly, I can’t say that I was totally surprised at all this.  But holy poop-a-rooni dude.  What planet are you from?!?  Planet I-hate-everybody-and-everything-in-it-and-I-have-more-money-than-God-so-I-don’t-care?

Remember this?  I think this whole idiot situation is a prime example of why I just don’t understand the need to hate.  People are, after all, just people.  We all have our faults, we have our likes and dislikes, and yes, we even have people we wish we never had to interact with.  But I like to think average, normal, everyday people don’t find it necessary to spew hateful crap from their mouths every chance they get.

getting along

I think the NBA’s response to this nonsense was an appropriate one.  What I’m curious about is what will happen next?  Will this schmuck not care and walk away with millions in his already overstuffed pockets and laugh all the way to the bank?  Will he even care?  One thing is for sure.  His attitude, and the attitudes of others like him, may never change.  That is the hardest part to swallow – and the reason I love the running community so much.

In all the races I’ve participated in, and in all the places I’ve been where runners hang out, not once have I ever heard any words of hate being spoken.  Not once have I ever seen anyone treated with animosity or disrespect.  All I’ve ever witnessed has been high fives, pats on the back, and finish line hugs.  And here’s the kicker – REGARDLESS OF ANYONE’S SKIN COLOR.

So take your racist remarks, your narrow-minded, bigoted, I’m better than everyone else attitude, and stick it where the sun don’t shine, Sterling.  The world will be a much better place without people like you polluting it with your crap.

At the end of it all though, as I drag myself kicking and screaming back from the relax-Kimberley-and-don’t-put-yourself-down-on-that-same-hate-level precipice, I feel nothing but pity for this guy and others like him.  All they’re doing is losing out on the opportunity to have some really great people in their lives and maybe learn a little something about other cultures along the way.  I know the wheels of social change move achingly slow, but if nothing else, maybe some good can come out of all of this.  Perhaps, like after 9-11, people may make the effort to be just a little bit nicer to each other.  Maybe someone will make the effort to shake hands with someone they might not have otherwise.  And maybe, just maybe, bigotry and hate will no longer have a place in our society.

no hate

So this is my challenge to you: smile at someone, even if you’re feeling lousy.  Tell a co-worker good job.  Let that guy in who’s been driving down the right lane with his blinker on for a mile and no one else will.  It’s a small, simple, maybe even stupid thing.  But it’ll mean the world to that person.  Be part of the solution.

Hugs make everthing better.

Hugs make everything better.

Enjoy the ride.

How do you handle it when someone says something hateful?


“I just don’t understand.”

My hubby lost count of how many times he heard me utter these words as we spent Sunday afternoon watching this.


Now, maybe it was because of where I grew up.  Maybe it was because of the way I was raised.  Maybe it’s because of the amazing friends that I have and hopefully will continue to have.  But I just don’t, and never will, understand how people can treat a fellow human being the way Jackie Robinson, was treated by his teammates, players, fans, and people who never even took the time to get to know him.  As I sit here typing this with a lump in my throat recalling that nauseous feeling I had in my stomach on what was otherwise a gorgeous south Florida afternoon, my thoughts wandered to what would cause someone to HATE.

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, hate is defined as:

1:  intense hostility and aversion usually deriving from fear, anger, or sense of injury

b:  extreme dislike or antipathy :  loathing <had a great hate of hard work>

2: an object of hatred

Don’t get me wrong, I have my share of “hate” for certain things: peas, sauerkraut, cold weather, driving for countless hours on end.  Then of course being a proud member of this since the day I opened my eyes…

Wicked awesome!

Wicked awesome!

I have a natural hatred for all things…



…which makes for an interesting season in our house.  Of all the men in the world, I somehow ended up marrying one of THOSE.  Yup, I really did.  I must have felt sorry for him.  Either that or his insane sense of humor…

However, I will be the first to say I was beyond impressed when New York did this after the Boston Marathon bombings.

Show me some love...

Show me some love…

As crazy emotional as I tend to get when watching my teams play, I always try not to lose sight of the fact that it is always JUST A GAME.  I cried when the Red Sox won the World Series, cried when the New York Giants won the Super Bowl (I know, I know – major contradiction), and cried when the Miami Heat won their NBA Championships.  All three of them.  How those contests ended up though, in no way affected how the world rotated on its axis, stopped the starvation crisis in Africa, or brought an end to world poverty.  They were all just games,  played by some very talented human beings.  Just like Jackie.  Human beings with feelings, just like the next person.  Human beings who feel love, hate, anger, frustration, fear, and joy.

Sports brings out both the best and worst in us.  Who hasn’t felt pride when Old Glory is raised and the National Anthem is played because an American won an Olympic event?  Do we hate when an athlete from another country was just .001 faster and took the gold?  Of course not.  Sports is the world’s great equalizer.  Some are better, some are not.  But in the end, it was all about the effort and who was just a little more hungry for it than the next.  And hatred has no place in it.  Or anywhere else.  Ever.

I got you.

I got you man.

So the next time someone pisses you off to the point that you just want to smack them up side the head, remember this.  Branche Rickey believed in Jackie’s ability to be the bigger man.  He believed that Jackie would make his bat do his talking for him.  And he believed with all his heart, even with all the obstacles that would undoubtedly be thrown in his face along the way, Jackie would triumph.  And boy did he.  Did he ever.

jr award

National League MVP

A friend of ours once made a remark after one of our parties that it looked like the United Nations had been in attendance.  I can only hope it will always be that way.  I count myself as incredibly lucky that my path has crossed with those of so many others from different races, countries, religions, and backgrounds.  I am so proud to look at my life and see that hate has no place in it and never has.

Except maybe for baseball season.  Damn Yankees…

Enjoy the ride.

(Photos courtesy of Pinterest.)

What do you think causes someone to hate?