Just Be Grateful

Holy macaroni Black Dog!  Where the hell have you been??!!

Well, let me tell ya…..

Life has been total dog poop lately.  Shootings, mass murders, radicals running people over in the name of some twisted ideology, police officers being murdered simply because of the uniform they wear, the worst choice of presidential candidates in probably forever.

2016 elections

For. Real.

It would be way too easy for me to continue down this road of all things bad, but I just plain don’t want to.  Everyone has an opinion on everything, including me.  Much of what I think and believe is bound to piss off somebody, and this is not what I want my little corner of the world to be.  It’s much, much too easy to get sucked into all things negative, and once you do, it’s a hard pit to crawl back out of.  So, I’m just not going to go there.


Hey there cutie!

That’s the beauty of running, lifting, yoga, even SUPing….you can be in the worst place mentally, and sometimes – nothing is foolproof I know – just a few minutes out in the fresh air can totally change your perspective.  That little smile and wave you get when passing a runner going the other way, watching the fish scurry around under your board as you paddle by, actually feeling your head clear as you go through your yoga practice – ALL GOOD THINGS.

I admit sometimes it definitely takes a Herculean effort to get your head back in a good place, but once that effort has been put in, the payback can be priceless.  Sometimes that effort includes stepping back from the things – or even the people – that can bring you down and make you feel like there just is no good stuff in the world.  Your training may not be going the way you want it to.  Just stop for a minute and be grateful that you have a body that at least allows you to put one foot in front of the other.  Your significant other left dirty dishes in the sink again after you’ve asked them repeatedly to just wash them and put them away.  At least your significant other is still there to annoy you.  Your boss is up your dupa again over something totally ridiculous.  Why not be grateful that at least you have a way to pay your bills, when so many others do not.


It’s a simple thing…



In a world that, at least these days, is so centered around hate, fear, and hurting each other, it’s sometimes hard to see the good in life.  So I send out this challenge to you:  each day, if you feel yourself going down that road to bad crap, just stop.

Stop and look around you.

Stop and breathe in the air.

Stop and smile at someone you love.

Stop and think if you really, truly, are as bad off as the guy sleeping on a bench in the rain because he has nowhere else to go.

Stop and think of the people whose loved ones will never walk in the door again.  Ever.

Then maybe admit to yourself that your life isn’t quite as bad as you thought it was.


Cinderella hugs.jpg


Enjoy the ride.

What are some things you’re grateful for?  Do you find it difficult to pull yourself out of a bad place sometimes?  What do you do to try to remain positive?


When The Brakes Fail

They didn’t exactly fail, but they certainly didn’t work as well as I would have liked.

On my way home yesterday, I almost became a statistic.  As I was tooling down the road on my way to the gym, Bonehead #1 decided he just COULD NOT wait, and pulled out right in front of me.  Thanks to some quick reflexes and no traffic next to me, I was able to slam on the brakes – which felt like total mush – swerved to avoid a collision, and kept my Jeep from rolling.  As I proceeded down the road, I knew the inevitable adrenaline dump was coming and prepared for it.  Shaking hands and racing heartbeat?  Why yes, thank you for making an appearance.  But, I was fine, no harm, no foul.  Pissed off?  Well, I AM human after all.

Oh yeah, I was PISSED.

Oh yeah, I was PISSED.

It may sound overly dramatic, (sure as heck does to me), especially since the whole incident lasted maybe five seconds.  But it did make me stop, and in about a second and half (THIS time),  I decided going to the gym suddenly wasn’t quite as important as going home, hugging the hubby, giving the Wonder Mutt proper belly rubs, having a glass of wine, and appreciating the view from this little tiki bar I know.  Because when something happens that makes you realize how quickly life can turn on a dime, everything seems just a little more…well….perfect.

island slippers1

Mutt Profile1Lake1

Enjoy the ride.

Have you ever had a really scary incident?  How did you react to it?  Did it make you see things differently afterward?

One Lucky Duck

By south Florida standards, it’s damn cold out this morning!  By my standards, I’m feeling like an eskimo.  A really bad one.  For anyone who knows me, anything below 80 degrees finds me bundled up in sweaters,  leather jackets, and the heat cranked up in my Jeep on the way to work.

As I made my daily jaunt into work this morning, one thing kept whizzing by in my brain.  HOW THE HECK AM I NOT GOING TO FREEZE MY PATOOKAS OFF, ( yes, I said patookas), in Orlando this weekend as I wait for the WDW Half Marathon to start? Electric blanket? Think I’d have a power issue there.  Portable electric heater? May be somewhat of a bulk problem after the first few yards.  Hire a couple of Cast Members to run along side me directing blow dryers in my general direction?  Possible practicality conundrum with that one.  Which leads me to the only non-electric, less bulk, more practical solution.  Guess I’ll just have to run my pink, sparkle-laden, freezing gams off!

It's almost time!!

It’s almost time!!

Now that my whining rant is over, it’s time to get real about running, Disney, and how lucky one can be to run in one of my favorite places on the planet.  Fighting a lovely case of ITBS since before the 2012 Wine and Dine Half Marathon, I don’t exactly feel pumped or as ready as I’d like to be for this weekend’s battle with the pavement.  As nagging thoughts of being swept, collapsing in pain, or finishing in an unacceptable time (in my over-achieving brain), my dollars (as explained in my previous post) keep circling back to one thing.  GRATEFUL.  I am SO GRATEFUL that I am able to run at all.  SO GRATEFUL that this wonderful, fun, exciting, oftentimes painful and heartbreaking sport, has afforded me the opportunity to meet so many interesting and funny people, who love it as much as I do.  SO GRATEFUL that I have the love and support of my hubby, friends, and family members, who drive everywhere, brave crazy race times, and wait for hours in not so always the greatest weather conditions, simply to cheer me on.  SO GRATEFUL that this sport is helping me come out of my “I feel like such a socially awkward dork” stage by simply providing me with a chance to interact with others I might not have otherwise. 

All of these grateful dollars whipping around in my brain today are indirectly thanks to this crazy sport of running, and the wonderful people who like to just put it out there and write about not only their running, but about their life experiences as well.  My voracious appetite for anything running related has led to me to the seemingly infinite number of running blogs, which in turn has led me to food blogs, Disney blogs, and on and on and on.  Now let me just start off by apologizing for my non-blog-technological-minded brain.  I honestly have no idea what I’m doing here, on the off chance you hadn’t yet figured that out yet.  As soon I catch up with blog-tech and figure out how to list everything I want to share with you, I’ll clue you in on a couple of my favorite bloggers.  For the moment, suffice it to say that thanks to Cori at http://olivetorun.com, and her link to Cassie’s January Wellness Calendar at http://backtoherroots.com (January 7: 10 Things You Are Grateful For), I’m starting this day by simply being grateful for the life that I have.  I don’t think anyone can ask for anything more than the love of friends, family, (which in my case includes Calypso the Wonder Mutt), and the ability to take advantage of everything this wild, crazy life has to offer us.  So as I set off on my journey for yet another piece of coveted Disney race bling, I will keep that grateful dollar held close.  May you find something to be grateful for today, and for all the rest of your todays.  There’s always something there, just waiting for you to grab and hold on to.  You just have to remember to enjoy the ride.

10 Things I Am Most Grateful For

  1. Love
  2. Family
  3. Friends
  4. The simplicity of the love of a dog
  5. Health
  6. Humor
  7. Emotion
  8. Compassion
  9. The occasional flash of patience (for me that’s a biggie!)
  10. Men and women serving our communities and our country

What are ten things you are grateful for?