Beat Those Monday Blues…Disney Style!

It’s Monday!  And you know what that means….no?  Well let me tell ya!  It’s time for the Magical Mickey linkup over at  So be a good Disney Dork and go check it out.  Now.  Go!  Now!

Happy Monday Black Dog peeps!  Well, not really but let’s fake it shall we?  Mondays always seem to be so much worse when the previous weekend rocked.  Like….oh, mine!  And the Wonder Mutt’s.



In an effort keep the Monday blues away, I thought I’d come up with a few of my favorite Disney things – because Disney almost always makes me happy.  I say almost.  Can we stop printing money just long enough to maybe make the prices of just about, I don’t know, EVERYTHING a little more reasonable?  That would make me VERY happy.  See?

Mickey biscuits on sale?  Yippeeeee!!!

Mickey biscuits on sale? Yippeeeee!!!

So here goes – in no particular order….

1.  Hanging out in my favorite cave with my favorite peeps.

Well hi there!

Well hi there!

2.  People watching in World Showcase.

The meltdowns are the best.

The meltdowns are the best.

3.  Hanging out with these characters in Hollywood Studios.

"Quack, quack!"

“Quack, quack!”

4.  Listening to the amazing voices at the Candlelight Processional.



5.  And probably my favoritest(?) of them all???  Watching Illuminations with my favorite guy, singing every single word to the entire show.  Because I AM that much of a Dork.



Since I’m pretty sure your list of favorite things to do at Disney is even longer – as mine is, but my attention span is WAY too short to keep going – please feel free to regale me with some of your great stuff!  Like hanging out at your hotel bar playing “Guess How Exhausted the Screaming Kids Are?”  Or is “How Many Parks Have The Kamikaze Clan Hit Today?” more your style?  Whatever it may be, let’s hear it!  You never know where your next great Disney idea may come from.

thinking cat


Enjoy the ride.

Here’s your chance loyal readers and fellow Disney Dorks!  Tell me what your favorite things are to do at Disney and I’ll see how I can turn them into the next round of Great Disney Shenanigans!

My Favorite Things – The Mouse Version

Hear the Sound of Music playing in your head?  Yeah, that’s not what this is.  I realized it’s been a while since we ventured into my favorite place on earth, so I figured it was time for a return visit.  Plus this is what my brain vomited up today.  Nice visual, isn’t it?

brain vomit

So here goes with the Black Dog version of my favorite things about Disney World.  (Cue cool Mouse Music.)  Feel free to agree, disagree, comment, tell me I’m an idiot and have no idea what I’m talking about.  It’s all good.

Favorite place to stuff our yaps:

Yum Central.

Yum Central.

I’m actually embarrassed to say – and hope my Disney Dork card doesn’t get revoked – but in all my visits to Animal Kingdom, I’ve always missed this little beauty until the last time I was in my happy place.  Tucked away right around the corner from Expedition Everest, this little gem sings to my vegetarian heart with the yummiest shrimp lo mein I’ve ever snarfed down.  Word to the wise: pay a visit AFTER Expedition Everest.  Just sayin’.

Favorite place to get our drink on: 

Tarbender!  I'll have another!

Tarbender! I’ll have another!

It was a close fight between the pub and La Cava del Tequila.  What gave the Rose and Crown the edge?  Accents, the Hat Lady, and the close proximity to British Invasion – our favorite spot to make total idiots of ourselves.

Yeah, we're silly.  And really bad  dancers.

Yeah, we’re silly. And really bad dancers.

Favorite thrill ride:

Warning-whiplash ahead.

Warning: whiplash ahead.

This was also a tough decision.  With so many awesome-sauce options to choose from, narrowing down to just one was a bit of a brain pickle.  What edges Rockin’ Roller Coaster out over Tower of Terror and Expedition Everest? I like my stomach where it is and not relocated to my brain or ankles, and honestly – who’s afraid of a big, fuzzy, somewhat hairy snowman who needs a shave and a shower?

Hey! Hey you. You gotta a razor? Or 10?

Hey! Hey you. You got a razor? Or maybe a lawnmower?

Favorite breakfast item:  No words necessary.

Only way to start my day.

Only way to start my day.

And of course, no Black Dog post would be complete without…

Favorite runDisney race:

Hello Beautiful.

Hello Beautiful.

Night start – big score.  BIG.  After party – BODACIOUS.  Party until the sun starts coming up as you stagger back to your hotel – PRICELESS.  Seriously, how can you possibly top that?  Why would one try?  Knowing you’ve got the perfect reason to run your dupa off so you can get to the after party faster is pretty good motivation to get my short little dumpy hamster legs a-rollin’.

Must (squeak) get )(squeak) to (squeak) after (squeak) party! (squeaksqueaksqueak)

Must (squeak) get (squeak) to (squeak) after (squeak) party! (squeaksqueaksqueaksqueaksqueak)

So there you have it – just a few of Black Dog’s Disney World faves.  Isn’t your life complete now that you have this knowledge?  Thought so.  You’re welcome.


Enjoy the ride.

Tellmetellmetellme!  What are some of your favorite things about Disney World?  Never been?  Then just guess!  No answer is a stupid one!  Unless you say Stitch’s Wild Ride.  Then I yank your Dork card.