Black Dog Has Gone Facebook!

Can you believe it?!?  This super techno-challenged bloggeridiot finally figured out how to create a Facebook page for this wondrous little piece of literary geniusness!  Thanks to Kathryn over at From Dancing to Running – who seems to be doubling as my bloggerworld instructor (must be that whole teacher thing), I’ve figured out how to set up a blog FB page as well as assault you all with multiple Tweets about aforementioned published literary geniusness-ness (?).


It actually sat there for a while unbeknownst to everyone but my aunt and one faithful follower (thanks Lisa!).  Oh wait, what’s this cute little button over here?  Invite friends?!  Say it isn’t so! (said in overly-dramatic voice).  And overnight my little brain vomiting corner of the internet became an internet sensation!  Okay, maybe not, but it sure sounded good…

Since I can’t figure out how to post a picture of my page – ugly non techno-geek moment here – you’ll just have to sail the social media seas and float on over to check it out here.  I promise, you will be entertained with silly dog pics, Miami Heat pics, more silly dog pics, motivational fitness stuff, silly dog pics, and the best…links back here to my weekly works of literary geniusnesses(?!).  Excited aren’t ya?  It’s okay, you can be excited.  Calypso is!


So make like the Wonder Mutt when I open the gate to the lake and jump on over to our Facebook page.  Hit like if you want.  At the very least it’ll make us feel loved.  A little.  Go.  Now.  Go.  You can get free money once you get there.  Okay, maybe not but it sounded good didn’t it?


Enjoy the ride. On Facebook!

(like what I did there? Did ya? Didyadidyadidyadidyadidya??)

Has your readership increased thanks to Facebook?  Any tips on growing your blog for this non techno-geek?