Beat Those Monday Blues…Disney Style!

It’s Monday!  And you know what that means….no?  Well let me tell ya!  It’s time for the Magical Mickey linkup over at  So be a good Disney Dork and go check it out.  Now.  Go!  Now!

Happy Monday Black Dog peeps!  Well, not really but let’s fake it shall we?  Mondays always seem to be so much worse when the previous weekend rocked.  Like….oh, mine!  And the Wonder Mutt’s.



In an effort keep the Monday blues away, I thought I’d come up with a few of my favorite Disney things – because Disney almost always makes me happy.  I say almost.  Can we stop printing money just long enough to maybe make the prices of just about, I don’t know, EVERYTHING a little more reasonable?  That would make me VERY happy.  See?

Mickey biscuits on sale?  Yippeeeee!!!

Mickey biscuits on sale? Yippeeeee!!!

So here goes – in no particular order….

1.  Hanging out in my favorite cave with my favorite peeps.

Well hi there!

Well hi there!

2.  People watching in World Showcase.

The meltdowns are the best.

The meltdowns are the best.

3.  Hanging out with these characters in Hollywood Studios.

"Quack, quack!"

“Quack, quack!”

4.  Listening to the amazing voices at the Candlelight Processional.



5.  And probably my favoritest(?) of them all???  Watching Illuminations with my favorite guy, singing every single word to the entire show.  Because I AM that much of a Dork.



Since I’m pretty sure your list of favorite things to do at Disney is even longer – as mine is, but my attention span is WAY too short to keep going – please feel free to regale me with some of your great stuff!  Like hanging out at your hotel bar playing “Guess How Exhausted the Screaming Kids Are?”  Or is “How Many Parks Have The Kamikaze Clan Hit Today?” more your style?  Whatever it may be, let’s hear it!  You never know where your next great Disney idea may come from.

thinking cat


Enjoy the ride.

Here’s your chance loyal readers and fellow Disney Dorks!  Tell me what your favorite things are to do at Disney and I’ll see how I can turn them into the next round of Great Disney Shenanigans!

Miles, Music, and Mayhem

Make sure you guys check out the Mickey Monday Linkup and check out some awesome-sauce blogs from some of my fellow Disney fanatics!!

If you spent any time stalking my adventures on social media this weekend, then it wasn’t very difficult to figure out what I was up to.



It came down to a last-minute decision as to whether or not we would make the trip or just wait until Wine and Dine Weekend.  But the lure of Sister Hazel, (for the third year running), and a generous offer of free passes, (who am I to say no?), sealed the deal.  So at approximately 1347 hours on Friday, the Hubs, Wonder Mutt, and me, jumped into our Interspacial Telekinetic Super Mouse Transporter Device – okay, okay, our truck – and headed north to the land of all things wonderful and glorious.  But first, we had some minor details to attend to.  You know, like getting me back on track for THIS.

Ooooooohhhh, pretty.....

Ooooooohhhh, pretty…..

And unless you haven’t been paying attention, (it’s okay, happens to me all the time.  ALL the time), then you know my favorite place to train – outside of you know where, of course – is right up the road.

WOTAfter my IT meltdown, a temporary vacay from pounding the pavement, and a week’s worth of laser and massage therapy, I gingerly laced up the shoes Saturday morning and headed out.  Oh wait, seeing as my hubs was in a sharing mood, he decided why by selfish and keep his cold germs to himself?  I love you honey, but that REALLY wasn’t necessary.

Thankfully, my superior bug-fighting skills kicked in and, after a decent night’s zzzzfest, I woke up ready to rock.  Never having been able to concentrate long enough to do the whole run/walk thing, (Oh look!  What a pretty flower!), I decided to give it another shot in the hopes of keeping the pain in check.  So off onto a 4-5 mile, 4:1 ratio I go.  Since I didn’t want to push either my immune system or my knees, I kept my pace well in check and happily, wound up feeling like this!

Happy knees make me smile!

Happy knees make me smile!

Now that’s not to say it was a pain-free run, and after all, it WAS only 4.5 miles, but at least I didn’t end up in tears like the last time.  And THAT, my dear BloggerWorld friends, is ALWAYS a reason to smile.  Even if my face does closely resemble a bowl of strawberry Jello-O.

With all this happy-happy-joy-joy juice a-flowin’, what better time than to head off to my favoritest (?) place on the planet to play at being the world’s greatest groupies and getting into all kinds of mayhem?

Meet Mayhem.  Parts 1, 2, and 3.

Meet Mayhem. Parts 1, 2, and 3.

"It's all for UUUUU!"

“It’s all for UUUUU!”

(They may be from that OTHER city, but the really DO love Miami!)

And my day got even better when one of my bros paid me a surprise visit!


Do I have spinach in my teeth?

So as I sit here replaying all the awesome-sauce moments of the past 72 hours, all I can say is this.  You may not think there’s such a thing as Disney magic.  But when you can come back from what seemed to be a running disaster, to feeling like you just may be able to kick that asphalt once again, to fate dropping a brother and fellow Disney Dork directly into your path, all the while wreaking all kinds of havoc with a few of your best Disney buddies at the most Magical Place on Earth, well….then you JUST DON’T GET IT.  But keep trying anyway.  You just never know.

"When you wish upon a star..."

“When you wish upon a star…”

Enjoy the ride.

Ever have one of those days where everything just seemed to fall into place without you even trying?  Didn’t it feel great?  Was Disney involved?







Which One Are You?

I can honestly say I have officially lost count of how many times I have visited Disney World.  No, that’s not me bragging, just the plain ol’ truth.  Prior to packing my bags and making myself scarce from the frozen tundra that is the great Northeast, I had only been to the World once.  Since then, it’s been an all out Mousefest.  If it wasn’t for the fact the hubby is of the non-Disney Dork persuasion, I’m sure I’d be spending a whole lot more time (and money!) doing all things magical.

Ahhh, home at last.

Ahhh, home at last.

However, as a side-effect of all the hours spent in the Happiest Place on Earth, (which may at times be quite debatable), I have become an expert in the art of people watching.  Honestly.  I even have a certificate somewhere.  Plopping down on a random bench with a Mickey ice cream or a libation from the Rose and Crown, can lead to observations of some of the funniest sights you can imagine.  So I am going to take my little corner of the world-wide-web, and impart upon you some of my hard-earned knowledge of all things Disney.  Well, not really, but it does sound impressive.


1. The Fearless Leader: often seen armed with a battery of park maps and sporting a white splotch of zinc oxide on his nose, the Fearless Leader has spent hours prior to arriving, pouring over travel blogs, park maps, and the Disney World website, in a wholehearted attempt of maximizing every precious second while on scene.  Any deviation from the minute-to-minute schedule not only results in a complete and utter meltdown, but oftentimes requires a pixie dust intervention.  Said person may also be seen wearing a khaki booney hat, water bottle clipped to a belt, and screaming something unintelligible into a battery-powered, two-way radio.


Must…find…Space Mountain…

2. The Blooming Mousketeer: You can spot these guys a mile away.  Typically sporting the latest in Mouse World fashion including ears, 2-3 cameras hanging around the neck, and a plethora of Disney pins adorning every spare inch of available lanyard space, these visitors are typically the most entertaining to keep within earshot.  Always willing to go on yet ANOTHER round of Toy Story Mania, proudly showing off their “1st Visit” pin to every Cast Member and visitor around, and leaving a trail of spilled popcorn in their wake for very happy Disney flocks, the Blooming Mousketeer is one of the jolliest and entertaining Joes in the parks.  Can oftentimes be seen wearing one of a dozen matching neon colored family reunion shirts.  Unlike this guy…



Then, there’s these guys…


The Pros: Having spent the majority of their waking moments on a leisurely stroll through Tomorrowland, Dinoland, and the bars of World Showcase, this type can tell you without a moment’s hesitation where the nearest bar, bathroom, or satisfying snack can be found.  They can tell you where any number of hidden Mickey’s can be seen, but only because they happened to notice them while hanging out in line for Soarin’, (snowy landscape on the interactive game screen).  Pros never rush to anything in order to more easily take in the drama unfolding around every corner.  The top pros are able to easily navigate a throng of sugar-crazed pre-teens while carrying earlier noted libations, and spill nary a drop.  Often found kicked back in the shade of a British Revolution show, or taking in the scene while stretched out in the poolside hot tub of the Boardwalk Inn, these guys know there is always another day.

Oh yessssss.......

Ohhhhh yeahhhhhhh…….

I think when it comes right down to it, I’m a combination of the Blooming Mousketeer and a Pro – it just depends on the day.  I dare say I can also venture slightly into the arena of the Fearless Leader, depending on how many strollers have been rammed into my ankles and how many screaming babies I’ve been exposed to.  However, after a quick side trip into a little joint I know tucked between the 50’s Prime Time Cafe and Hollywood and Vine, all is quickly right in the World.  How can you not relax in a spot where you can see a mother nursing her kid while drinking a margarita?  (I kid you not – bet that kid slept like a champ…)



So the next time you pay a visit to Mickey, Simba, Woody, or men in kilts, just stop.  Take a look around.  Then come back and tell me what you see.  I guarantee you’ll have a whole new appreciation for your new found powers of observation.  That and a well-made, well-timed, margarita.

Hello beautiful...

Hello beautiful…


Enjoy the ride.

Are you one of these Disney types? Which one?