The South Florida Edition of Run Where I Live!

Because where I live is AWESOME….



Okay, well not EXACTLY here, but you get the general idea.

When Danielle asked me to be a part of the cool kid’s club, I played it, well, cool.  “Yeah, well, let me think about it and I’ll get back to you.”  N-O-T.  It was actually more like this.

Whooooo hooooo!

Whooooo hooooo!

Along with a bunch of other equally cool kids, Danielle came up with the great idea of taking you on a virtual running tour where each of us live.  Cool, right?  Right? RIGHT???  Soooooo, I bet you’ll never guess where I’ll be taking you.  Go ahead.  Guess.  Guess again.  Nah really, guess.  No idea?  Heeeheeeheee, silly wabbits. Twicks are for the twopics.

Try saying THAT five times fast.



Once you untwist your tongue from your left ear, follow along with me as I take you on a short little journey NOT to the beach.  Sorry kids, I’m just keeping it real.  Real close.  Like across the street from my crib close.  Because the powers that be in my little corner of the universe were kind enough to provide us lowly residents with a dog-friendly, duck-friendly, dingo-friendly, well-marked running path.  (Actually I’m just guessing on the dingos.)

The dingos ARE the babies!

The dingos ARE the babies! HA!

So come along with me to a little cozy place called Coconut Creek, Florida.  More specifically, a lovely little spot known to the natives – well, everybody actually – as….cue drum roll here…..Sabal Pines Park.

See?  Sabal Pines Park.  The dingos are chillin' in the bushes.

See? Sabal Pines Park. The dingos are chillin’ in the bushes.

Coconut Creek – aka the Butterfly Capital the World – is doing it’s best to be a green city.  We get to reap the benefits by having numerous parks and walkways throughout our pretty little ‘burb, and Sabal Pines is no exception.  Located about five minutes from the north end of Fort Lauderdale, Sabal Pines has three baseball fields, one softball field, a couple of smaller ball fields for the smaller human units, and a couple of combination football/soccer fields.  ‘Cause, you know, us Americans are a little confused when it comes to what sport actually requires the use of feet.

Surrounding all this confusion, is a paved and concrete 1.15 mile path, marked approximately every 20-30 feet with…..wait for it…..PAW PRINTS.  Because we are JUST THAT AWESOME.


Thought I was kidding about the paw prints, didn’tcha?

If you start at the conveniently marked start/finish line, and go toward the north end of the park and follow the path to the southwest, you’ll come out by the soccer fields.  Head south towards the water and guess what?  The locals will be only to happy to greet you with a flurry of feathers and quacking.  They often even get so excited, they just poop right on the spot!  So watch your step.  I like to consider it a stretch of a Spartan race.

Watch out for land mines.  They're not deadly, but tend to be bit slippery.  This is a public service announcement courtesy of Black Dog Productions.

Watch out for land mines. They’re not deadly, but tend to be a bit slippery. This is a public service announcement courtesy of Black Dog Productions.

As you run the path, you can always zoom your way into the main park building for pit stops and water.  There’s also bathrooms and a water fountain on the east side of the park near the tennis courts.  Two paws up for this one as the water is always nice and COLD.  That’s a BIG score when you’re running in 95+ degree heat.  The park rangers are also usually buzzing around in golf carts in case you need any help.  There’s also ample parking next to the tennis courts and by the main building near the big playground.  Remember not to leave anything of value in your car.  There have been a few burglaries over the years, even with all the traffic in and out of the park, so just be smart about it and leave your bling back at the home base.  You look fabulous in just sweat dahling.

I’ve found this little slice of park paradise to be perfect for timing Mr. Galloway’s Magic Mile, as you don’t necessarily have to have a GPS with you to confirm the exact distance.  It’s also great if you want to do so some quarter-mile repeats, as the pavement is marked at each – you guessed it – quarter mile!  Nice stuff, ain’t it?!

Overall, even though there’s not a lot of shady spots on this path, it’s clearly marked, flat, and not usually too crowded if there’s not a sporting event taking place.  The bathrooms are clean, the water is cold, and the natives are friendly.  What else could one possibly want?  You can even motor across the road and meet me in the pool for a nice post-workout cool down!  Just have your people call my people and they’ll see if I’m available.

Come on in, the water's fine!

Come on in, the water’s fine!

So that’s about it for a quick little running journey through the tropics.  If you ever happen to hyperspace to the northern end of Broward County and you’re looking for an easily accessible, well-hydratable, slightly poopy decorated running path, check out the ‘burbs and Sabal Pines Park.  I’ll be waiting for you at the end with a margarita and bowl of Moose Tracks in hand.  Because that is HOW WE ROLL here in the Creek.

Make sure you follow along on Danielle’s virtual tour of running HERE!  Her blog will have links to all kinds of cool places to run written by those peeps who know them best.  We even get to blast over to Aussie Land for a bit o’mate time!

Ready for some more running in the Sunshine State?  Your next stop on the Run Where I Live party train will be near our favoritest place ever.  Yes, we are headed to Orlando!  Yes, THAT Orlando!  The one with MICKEY!! So jump on board ’cause the train is departing.  Next stop, See Jess Run!  ALL ABOARD!!


Enjoy the ride.

If you’d like to make your hometown another stop on the Run Where You Live Road Trip, submit your link to Danielle at Live, Run, Grow, and she’ll gladly add you to the list!

Let The Shenanigans Commence. Again!

Once again, Black Dog Productions is making our annual jaunt to the scene of the crime…and our favorite place for Black Dog shenanigans.  Because that is what we do best.



Want to be a part of the shenanigan making?  Want to feel as though you’re RIGHT THERE WITH US?  Then come along for the virtual nuttiness tour via FaceBook, Twitter, or Instagram.  From the food, to the drinks, to the food, to the drinks, to the….well, you get the idea, you’ll feel as though you’re right in the middle of the insanity that is sure to amuse, bemuse, and – let me just throw it out there – very possibly shock you!  Because that is how we roll here at BDRD.

Hang on.

It’s gonna get a little crazy.

Life is short.

So make sure you…

Enjoy the ride.

Have you ever been to New Orleans?  Did you partake of shenanigans NOLA style?  Did they involve Hurricanes, horses, or perhaps an unfortunate incident with a horse wearing Mardi Gras beads?  Don’t ask, just go with it…..

Who Says You Have To BE There?

So yesterday, THIS happened!

Yeah, we're bad ass.

Yeah, we’re bad ass.

Nicole kicked dupa running her second – yes SECOND Dopey Challenge – and Kellie?  Well, Kellie ran her first marathon EVER.  AFTER running a half on Saturday.  Yes, psycho puppy decided to run her very first 26.2 as part of the Goofy Challenge.  Goofy?  Yeah, I’d say so.  Just a little bit.

Garsh!  Whatever made me think to run 39.3 miles?!?

Garsh! Whatever made me think to run 39.3 miles?!?

But the best part of the whole day?  Even though the Accountabilibuddies couldn’t all be there in person to cheer on our girls, we were able to keep the fun going anyway.  Thanks to smart phones, fantastic song lyric recall abilities, and runner tracking, we were able to keep Team Can-Am laughing, in great spirits, and feel like we were right beside them.  Even through Kellie’s semi-meltdown around mile 14.

What’s wrong with our girl Nicole?

Oh, you know.  Just a little marathon pain.  She thought this would be easy and comfortable.

Silly Kellie.

But all was once again right with the world once a grapefruit beer was consumed.  Prior to crossing the finish line of course.

"Yes, all is right in my world."

“Yes, all is right in my world.”

And who couldn’t be happier for being just a bit Dopey?  In a really good way of course.  Not dopey like….well….you know.  A dope.

"I'm Dopey!  And I like it!"

“I’m Dopey. And I like it!”

Of course all of this gushing, (and the multiple subsequent texts of “you’re next!”), really does make me set my brain even more on completing 26.2.  Someone just needs to get that message across to these friggin’ things…

Who?  US?!?

Who? US?!?

Let me be the first to congratulate ALL the runners from this past weekend.  If you ran one race or all of them, set a new PR or got swept, it doesn’t matter.  You got off the couch, you raised who knows how many thousands of dollar for charity, you battled your demons, and you have every right to look at yourself in the mirror tomorrow and be proud of yourself.  And feel free to have a Mickey muffin on me.  Or #drinkallthedrinks.  On me, of course.  I’m good like that.

Hello beautiful.

Hello beautiful.


Enjoy the ride.

Congratulations runners?  Did you run all the races and get all the bling?  Which races did you run?  Was it the best time ever or do you want to erase it from your running memory?  Will you go back and try it again?

Happy Fat Tuesday!

It’s that time of year again when drunkenness and debauchery is not only allowed, but required!

Whoo hoo!

Whoo hoo!


As many of you know, I love, love, LOVE to travel.  Unfortunately, I have yet to find myself in The Big Easy, but that is not to say Nawlins is not on my travel bucket list.  I can say with all confidence that I truly believe I will find a home away from home when my meanderings finally take me there.  How can you NOT love a city filled with amazing food, even more amazing music, and this?

Ooohhhh, pretty.

Ooohhhh, pretty.


Since the dollars are whipping around my brain at light speed this morning, (can anyone say Wine and Dine registration opens today?), I don’t have the attention span to go into a lengthy history of Mardi Gras.  Thanks to the ever-handy internet, let’s just suffice it to say it has something to do with French-Canadian explorers, bull heads, and bourbon.  Along with some very strange looking nuts…

Don;t even want to know what that guy on the right is supposed to be.

Don’t even want to know what that guy on the right is supposed to be.


For the 2.7 seconds I was able to focus on the traditions of Mardi Gras, I did find it rather hilarious that there are actually a number of articles as to why women flash themselves in an attempt to obtain the ever-popular beads.  Who knew?

You want me to WHAT?!

You want me to WHAT?!


Drunkenness and debauchery aside, you have to admire a city that was able to come back after a beat down by Mother Nature.  Hurricane Katrina passed through south Florida as little more than a tropical storm.  Which, let’s face it, after Hurricane Andrew, a little rain and wind doesn’t do much to strike fear in the hearts of south Floridians.  After a few days of brewing in strength over the warm waters of the Gulf,  Katrina was loaded for bear when she pounced upon the woefully unprepared party city.

katrina damage


Sadly, the storm seemed to bring out the worst in people.  Every night you would hear news stories about pets being shot in front of their faithful owners who refused to leave them behind.  Beatings, rapes, and even murders seemed to become commonplace inside the Superdome.  Looters were seen pushing overflowing shopping carts out of grocery stores left standing, never paying for a thing.  Burglaries, robberies, assaults, and seemingly every horrible act possible dominated the news every night.  Then, the indomitable spirit of the amazing New Orleans residents once again proved to be unbeatable.  Neighbors came together to rebuild.  And rebuild they did.

Post Katrina

Post Katrina


A community comes together.

A community comes together.


If any city deserves to throw a party to end all parties, it’s definitely the birthplace of jazz.  So as you go about your day, keep this incredible city and it’s even more incredible people in mind.  And as your day comes to a close, I don’t think anyone would mind if you raised a Sazerac or a Ramos Fizz in their honor.

Happy Mardi Gras everyone! Laissez les bons temps rouler!

Enjoy the ride.

How will  you be celebrating on  this fine, Fat Tuesday?