Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It’s Off To Disney World We Go!

Yep!  I actually DO have more interesting things to vomit out of my brain today, but since we’re going back to DISNEYWORLD tomorrow – yes, TOMORROW! – I can’t really concentrate on anything else.  Nor do I want to.  Because almost everything else becomes completely insignificant when one is about to embark on a quickie – STOP IT – to the World of the Mouse!!!

Yes Black Dog!  We're waiting just for YOU!!

Yes Black Dog! We’re waiting just for YOU!!

To those of you who have yet to see the light – you know who you are (dearest husband) – my barely contained excitement is something of a mystery.  Exactly how does one explain the lack of focus on mundane tasks, hours spent listening to Disney related podcasts, and ceaseless humming of It’s A Small World?

Can't stop humming it now, can you?

Can’t stop humming it now, can you?

To set the record straight, this IS just a quick little weekend getaway, and not a complete week-long immersion of all things Disney.  And even though I freely admit I wasn’t putting anything over on the hubs when I oh-so-innocently suggested that we need to build up some Marriott points and why not conveniently do that in Orlando – I’ll never be sorry for coming up with the first of what I’m sure will be many exciting, brilliant, Mouse-inspired ideas in 2015.

I'm going to Disney World!!!!

I’m going to Disney World!!!!

So if your life turns out to be incredibly boring this weekend as you try to convince your legs that they really CAN move again after last weekend’s Dopey escapades, feel free to stalk me on social media.  I guarantee at least a few daily images of all kinds of shenanigans.  Because…..why else does one venture to the place of all things magical?  For basic good times and baby meltdowns?  Oh HECK no.

NOT going to be me.  Until I have to leave.  Then all bets are off.

NOT going to be me. Until I have to leave. Then all bets are off.

So come along with me dear readers.  It’s going to be magical!!!!


Enjoy the ride.

How spectacular was your last trip to the Mouse?  Where’d ya go, what’d ya do, how many miles did ya run, how many cocktails did ya down?  Were Mickey ice cream bars and Mickey muffins involved?  Did anyone throw up on any rides?  Tell me!! Tellmetellmetellmetellmetellmetellmetellmetellmetellme!!!!

Friday Funny

To everyone running this weekend in Disney World, especially Nicole and Jenn, who are taking on Dopey, and Kellie, who’s running her first marathon EVER, (I hear there’s bacon and grapefruit beer at the finish!), everyone here at Black Dog Runs Disney wishes you the best of luck.  And to help you along your miles, we thought some words of wisdom from Grumpy Cat might provide some much needed inspiration.

Grump Cat Finish Line


But keep those feet a-truckin’ anyway!  Good luck everybody!!!


Enjoy the ride.

Have an awesome weekend everyone and make sure to ENJOY THE MOMENT!!