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In honor of everyone losing their minds over runDisney’s announcement this week…..

FF Star Wars

Enjoy the ride.

Were you one of the many who went completely insane over the announcement of the East Coast Star Wars Half Marathon announcement this week?  Will you be trying to get in next year’s inaugural race, or will you be waiting until they work out the inevitable first time kinks?  Do you think it would be possible to run as a storm trooper and still manage to close the door to the starting line porta-potties?

May The New Lands Be With You

Currently, at least one member of Black Dog Productions is pretty damn excited!

That's right.  Even Darth Vader is groovin' to the news!

That’s right. Even Darth Vader is groovin’ to the news!

For those of the non-Disney Dork persuasion, you have my sympathies let me catch you up on the awesome, Dark Star-sized news.  At last week’s D23 Expo, i.e., the ultimate in Disney Dorknification, CEO Bob Iger announced that both Disney World and Disney Land will be seeing expansions of – you guessed it – all things Luke, Leia, Obi Wan, and R2D2.

"Get those light sabers ready people."

“Get those light sabers ready people.”

I can’t say that I was totally surprised by the news. It was only a matter of time after Disney bought Lucasfilm in 2012 that they would be going down this interstellar highway.  As someone who’s been a rabid Disney World fan since my first visit in 1993, and one who has proudly lost count of how many times I have gotten lost in its magic, having a whole new world – literally – to get lost in, jacks the Dork excitement factor through the roof.  Or in this case, through the galaxy.  Far, far, away.

Kind of like this one!

Kind of like this one!

I won’t list all the cool Rebel Force deets here, as I’ll get so excited that game-show-dollar-machine brain of mine will kick into high gear, and nothing will make sense as the thoughts rattling around in my brain will promptly explode all over your computer in some weird kind of intergalaxian primordial ooze.  Thankfully, our earthly news outlets, (here and here), have got me covered.  No need to worry about whether or not intergalaxian primordial ooze is covered by your laptop’s warranty.  You’re welcome.

Speaking of ooze....

Speaking of ooze….

Enjoy the ride.

Who else among my Disney Dork friends are completely losing their minds over the news?  What would you like to see included in these new lands?  Obi Wan Ton Soup?  Jabba Jelly?  A whole new line of Darth Vader vinegars?  Or perhaps something more along the lines of Boba Fett Fear-Inducing French Fries?  Or my particular favorite – Tatooine Tequila!  Let’s hear it!  What would be some of your favorites?

Wonder Mutt Wednesday



Enjoy the ride.

Wouldn’t it be great if Disney created an ENTIRE PARK dedicated to one single thing??  The pure joy and fun of BEING A DOG.  I can see it now – fire hydrants, tennis balls, swimming pools with docks, splash zones, sticks, bushes, cats, biscuit dispensers, PLUTO, Goofy, PLUTO, more tennis balls, PLUTO, Mickey, PLUTO, Stitch instigating chases, PLUTO….(#heavysigh)…..

Beat Those Monday Blues…Disney Style!

It’s Monday!  And you know what that means….no?  Well let me tell ya!  It’s time for the Magical Mickey linkup over at  So be a good Disney Dork and go check it out.  Now.  Go!  Now!

Happy Monday Black Dog peeps!  Well, not really but let’s fake it shall we?  Mondays always seem to be so much worse when the previous weekend rocked.  Like….oh, mine!  And the Wonder Mutt’s.



In an effort keep the Monday blues away, I thought I’d come up with a few of my favorite Disney things – because Disney almost always makes me happy.  I say almost.  Can we stop printing money just long enough to maybe make the prices of just about, I don’t know, EVERYTHING a little more reasonable?  That would make me VERY happy.  See?

Mickey biscuits on sale?  Yippeeeee!!!

Mickey biscuits on sale? Yippeeeee!!!

So here goes – in no particular order….

1.  Hanging out in my favorite cave with my favorite peeps.

Well hi there!

Well hi there!

2.  People watching in World Showcase.

The meltdowns are the best.

The meltdowns are the best.

3.  Hanging out with these characters in Hollywood Studios.

"Quack, quack!"

“Quack, quack!”

4.  Listening to the amazing voices at the Candlelight Processional.



5.  And probably my favoritest(?) of them all???  Watching Illuminations with my favorite guy, singing every single word to the entire show.  Because I AM that much of a Dork.



Since I’m pretty sure your list of favorite things to do at Disney is even longer – as mine is, but my attention span is WAY too short to keep going – please feel free to regale me with some of your great stuff!  Like hanging out at your hotel bar playing “Guess How Exhausted the Screaming Kids Are?”  Or is “How Many Parks Have The Kamikaze Clan Hit Today?” more your style?  Whatever it may be, let’s hear it!  You never know where your next great Disney idea may come from.

thinking cat


Enjoy the ride.

Here’s your chance loyal readers and fellow Disney Dorks!  Tell me what your favorite things are to do at Disney and I’ll see how I can turn them into the next round of Great Disney Shenanigans!

This Could Get Ugly

*It’s that time again…time for the cool kids to run over and check out the weekly Monday morning Magical Mickey Linkup at  Are you cool enough to go??

This just may start a Disney war, but here goes…..what is your favorite Disney resort?



Have you ever seen Disney Dorks get into heated conversations about the best whatever about Disney World?  It’s pretty amusing actually.  And I can fully poke fun because I am definitely one of those Dorks.  Especially when it comes to the best “getting into trouble” spots.  Anyone over the age of 21 should know what those are :).

There are a thousand categories we could argue about here, but I’m only going to hit up my top four:  resort, restaurant, bar, and race.  Feel free to weigh in.  Except on the race.  I win, hands down.  You lose.  Go away.


This is kind of a toughie for me as there are still so many I haven’t stayed at yet – basically because I have yet to hit Powerball or have had a long-lost rich relative knock off.  Should you have done either, feel free to share in your bountiful Disney harvest.  That being said, I’d have to say my favorite Disney resort hotel thus far is…..da da da da daaaaaaaa!!!!!  Coronado Springs.

Ooooooohhhhh, aaaaaaahhhhhhh....

Ooooooohhhhh, aaaaaaahhhhhhh….

The running path is a little short, but the landscaping is beautiful, the rooms are great, (especially the king rooms), and the gym is awesome.  I love the spots you can hang out on the sand and watch the world go by, including the local, furry, residents.

Not really.  Just checking to see if you were paying attention.

Not really. Just checking to see if you were paying attention.

You may not see any elk, but there are squirrels, rabbits, fish, and birds galore.  Trust me on the birds. They’re everywhere.  Including RIGHT OUTSIDE your window when you’re trying to sleep in.

Mock you I shall.

Mock you I shall.


This was also a difficult call, but we here at Black Dog Productions (sounds impressive, doesn’t it?), decided to go with Tutto Italia in Epcot.  If you can, sit outside in the glassed in room.  It’s quieter, and a much more intimate setting.  The food is phenomenal, and the wine list is expectedly awesome.  My suggestion: have your server or the sommelier make a recommendation.  We went with a bottle of Castiglion Del Bosco at our server’s recommendation.  A little pricey, but well worth it.

Hello beautiful.

Hello beautiful.


Another tough call, and if it wasn’t for one memorable moment, I would have gone with either La Cava del Tequila or the Rose and Crown.

Ahhhhh, we return to the scene of the crime....

Ahhhhh, we return to the scene of the crime..

Let me just put it out there – I HATE 50’s Prime Time Cafe.  I went there once, could not STAND the corniness of the place, and never went back.  I know many of you think the place is a total hoot.  I, on the other hand, would rather have my fingernails yanked out with a pair of pliers.  Yes, it was THAT bad.  Go ahead, revoke my Dork Card.  I’ll earn it back.  Because I AM that big of a Dork. 🙂

So back to the one moment in time that sold us on the Tune In Lounge as the best bar in Disney.  Stick with me here:

top shelf margarita – $20

Nursing your kid while drinking the top shelf margarita – PRICELESS

If I’m lying I’m dying.

Yeah mama!

Yeah mama!


No argument.

Really. No argument.  Don't even bother.

Really. No argument. Don’t even bother.

No middle of the night wake up call, Food and Wine Festival nibbles and libations, and Epcot ALL TO YOURSELF.  How can one possibly argue with THAT???  Not to mention, HUGE potential for post race #shenanigans…

Yes, yes I do.

Yes, yes I do.

So there you have it – Black Dog’s Disney World Favorites.  Agree or disagree?  Let’s hear it.  Whoever loses the argument has to eat at Prime Time.  Tied to a chair.  Unsedated.

oh no kittens


Enjoy the ride.

Let’s hear it!  What are your Disney faves?  Do any of them include the probability of shenanigans?  Have you ever wanted to start a food fight in the Prime Time Cafe?  WAS IT FUN???

When You Wish Upon A…



As I was sitting on the Boardwalk one day, watching the birds trying not to look like they were begging for crumbs of my chocolate chip Mickey muffin – like THAT would ever happen – I started to wonder.  What’s the one job at Disney World that totally ROCKS?

If you think about it, there’s got to be a bazillion jobs in Mickey World.  Okay, maybe not quite a bazillion, but you know what I mean.  From the cast member picking up litter all the way up to Bob Iger, there is certainly a wide variety of jobs both in Disney World and with the Disney Company itself.  So what do you think would be just a few of the coolest jobs to have?  Well…I’m glad you asked.  I’m going to keep this list short as this could result in actual loud, physical altercations among the most die-hard of Dorks.  We can be pretty fanatical about our beloved Mouse.  In case you haven’t noticed.

WDW Jobs


3. Horticulturist: I include this on my list out of sheer jealousy.  Describing my gardening abilities as having a black thumb is being somewhat generous.  If one could kill an already dead plant, that would be me.  Flowers actually shudder in fear and turn their lovely blossoms away whenever I happen to meander by.  And I swear I’ve even heard some hushed whispers sounding something like, “Quick! Just play dead now, before she thinks she can glue your petals back on.  Again.”

I can actually take a beautifully blossoming plant, completely ignore it, and it will keel over dead.  But Black Dog, you can’t IGNORE a plant!  You have to lovingly nurture it, feed it, water it, talk to it.  Yeah.  When I do that, I kill it.  I’m screwed either way.  That is why I think it would rock to be a flower growerer(?) person.  AT DISNEY.  Have you SEEN the stuff these masters of all things green have come up with?!?  SHEER. FREAKING. AWESOMENESS.

I liked it better when she didn't talk.  But don't tell anyone.

I liked it better when she didn’t talk. But don’t tell anyone.

2. Imagineer: Oh to be one of those artsy, creative types!  Need to create a lion king who exudes magnificence and regalness but can still wrestle around with his kid?  Sure, no problem.  Want to scare the crap out of unsuspecting guests and leave their guts lodged somewhere up in their brain when an elevator drops out from under them, but regular old free-falling isn’t good enough?  We gotcha covered.  Need to make a big tough guy scream like a baby by sitting a ghost next to him?  Easy peasy.  These creators of all things amazeballs are the epitome of thinking outside the box and pushing boundaries.  Not unlike myself.  Hehehe…..


Bet YOU can’t make an owl out of snowflakes!

1. And now, what I think is the COOLEST job of them all—–wait for it……….



Excuse me, I think you may have a monkey on your leg.

Excuse me, I think you may have a monkey on your leg.

Not that I’m a fan of confined critters, but I think Disney does an amazing job at recreating natural habitats, encouraging natural behaviors, and providing top notch veterinary care.  And there’s just SO MANY ANIMALS.  Springboks and hippos and giraffes, oh MY!  I’m thinking even the lousiest day with a giraffe nursing a sore throat is still better than taking first place at the Wine and Dine Half.  Say WHAAAAAATTT?!?!  You did NOT just go there Black Dog?!  Oh yes, YES I DID.

How you doin?

How YOU doin?

Now I know there’s a dupaload of other sweet jobs at Disney that would probably rock your world.  So let’s hear it!  Tell me all about what you think would be your Disney Dream Job.  We can always argue about it later.


Enjoy the ride.

Let’s hear  it!  I want to know what you think the coolest Disney occupation is.  C’mon now, don’t be shy!  Throw it out there, I won’t bite.  My new lions might, but not me.  At least, not as hard as they do.

Running the World

Since it’s almost time for this…

Girl power!

Girl power!


I thought now would be the perfect opportunity for this!


While doing an internet search for the best places for running while at Disney World, I came across a boatload of varying opinions.  Everyone has a different idea as to where their favorite places are, including me.  So in order to give you as many choices as possible to choose from, I went to one of my favorite places for all things Disney,  This site is an absolute treasure trove of Disney info, from where to eat, what rides are closed for rehabs, schedules of shows in Epcot, history of Disney, and just about every tip you could imagine provided by those who know the World best – you and me!  I figured what better place to look up information on the best places to stretch your legs while in the land of the Mouse.

Like anyone else, I have my favorite running paths, which I’ve included here.  I’ve also provided a link to the page at, which has some great info on other running locations, as well as some great safety tips.  Don’t want to bring your running to a screeching stop because you suffered a major brain fart!

Without further adieu, Black Dog Runs Disney presents…

runner pluto

1.  My fave (at least so far), is the 0.8 mile loop around Crescent Lake.  Easily accessible from the Epcot area resorts, the loop offers a scenic look at the different hotels and shops located around the lake.  After a few laps, stop and reward yourself for a job well done with a yummy Mickey Mouse chocolate chip muffin from the Boardwalk Bakery!




2.  Another favorite path for the hubby and I is located at Coronado Springs.  A 3/4 mile loop around Lago Dorado provides nice wide pathways and if you’re lucky, sighting of the local “natives” – rabbits, lizards, chipmunks and squirrels.  If you want to add a little more mileage, veer onto the path towards the Ranchos and Cabanas.  You’ll find yourself in a beautiful wetlands area, complete with Spanish moss draped trees.  Pay a visit to Cafe Rix afterwards for some fresh fruit and cereal.

cafe rix


3.  A great spot to get your workout in and stay in the shade is the Nature Trail located at the Wilderness Lodge.  The path is a mix of sandy soil, and takes a little loss toll on your legs.  Located being the Villas, the path eventually meets up with the Fitness Trail/Jogging Path and can lead you to either the Fort Wilderness Campground (to the left) or up to the bus stop in front of the Lodge (to the right).  Rehydrate after your run with a stop at the Roaring Fork, a quick service cafe.


These are my top choices for staying in shape while playing in Disney World.  Be sure to check out a more complete list here at

Good luck to everyone running the Princess Half Marathon and the inaugural Glass Slipper Challenge this weekend!

Enjoy the ride.

Where is your favorite place to run while at Disney World?