Christmaspalooza Time!!


As promised!!  The loyal Black Dog followers favorite things about Christmas!  We had some pretty awesome-sauce entries, so without further delay – and because I know you’re about to pee on the floor with excitement – HERE WE GO!!!!

1.  Spending time with loved ones.  All together now – awwwwwww…..

Mickey, can you get off my tail please?  Thanks man.

Mickey, can you get off my tail please? Thanks man.

2.  Christmas lights.  LOTS of them.


Oooooooooh, pretty…..

3.  Snow ball fights.

Nothing like eating the ammo....

Nothing like eating the ammo….

4.  And while we’re on the subject of mutts….

riley under the tree

Cutest non-Wonder Mutt ever.

5.  Time off from work.

day off

6.  Traveling.

Can we pay the tolls in biscuits?

Can we pay the tolls in biscuits?

7.  The food.


Okay, maybe not THAT food.

8.  The presents.



9.  Celebrating at the Most Magical Place on Earth.

We love you Isabella!

We love you Isabella!

10.  And last but not least, spending time with the one we love the most…

Christmas love

Thank you to everyone who sent in their favorite things about Christmas!  My Christmas wish to all of you is that you get everything you want, whether it be from Santa or from someplace you find within your own heart.

From everyone here at Black Dog Runs Disney, have a Merry, Merry Christmas.  Thank you for making this year’s Christmas, one of the best ever!

Enjoy the Sleigh Ride.

Merry Christmas my friends!!

Friday Funny

Even Santa suffers from periodic vehicular issues…..

FF Santa Humor1


Enjoy the ride.

Have you completed your gift shopping or will you be cursing your way through the nearest mall this weekend?  Might I suggest a nice bottle of Cabernet prior to joining the bargain-bound masses?  You just may be surprised how much nicer your shopping experience can be!  Happy weekend everyone!


And don’t forget!  Today’s the last day to get your entries in for the Black Dog Runs Disney Christmaspalooza contest!  Wonder Mutt is warming up her licker already!  Email your entry to b; today!