My Favorite Things – All In One Book!

Ever find that ONE PERFECT BOOK?  You know the one.  It’s got everything you ever needed all in one title, hidden away in its perfect little pages?  Well, let me tell ya…since summer and reading seem to go together like me and Little Black Dog, or me and Moose Tracks ice cream, or me and…well…um…me and Little Black Dog eating Moose Tracks ice cream, then you know how well summer and reading go together!  That IS where I was heading with this wasn’t it???

Anywho, the point of all this is I want to let you in on a little runner’s secret.  If you’re looking for any info – and I mean ANY info all things related to running at Disney, then you need look no further than here.  Right here.  Really.  RIGHT HERE.

Yeah momma!

Yeah momma!

Authors Krista Albrecht and Megan Biller have taken the time to lead you down the happy, happy path of all you ever needed to know about running a Disney race.  They break down every – and I mean EVERY – aspect of running in the world of the Mouse.  Yes – THAT Mouse!


From what events are available to how to handle a case of the post-race blues, everything you need to know is conveniently listed and oh-so-easy to find.  And the giant chocolate chip on top?  Both Krista and Megan know what they’re talking about as they’ve run the events themselves!  Not with Ryan though.  I think.  Maybe.

And a copy of The Runners Guide to Walt Disney World!

And a copy of The Runners Guide to Walt Disney World!

Magical Miles-The Runner’s Guide to Walt Disney World has been updated for the 2014 Disney racing season, and you can find all the dates, location of start/finish lines, and available races for each race weekend in easy to follow chapters.  A listing of last year’s host hotels are included as well, (the 2014 host hotels weren’t available when the book went to print).

As there are so many aspects of a race weekend at Walt Disney World, you’re going to need to think about everything from which race will work best for you and your family to what kind of trip do you want to have.  Do you want to just come for the race(s) or make it part of a vacation?  Where do you want to eat?  Do you have dietary restrictions?  Magical Miles has the answers to all these questions and more.

Need some prerace training advice?  Links to Jeff Galloway and Tara Gidus are provided as well as a listing of available resources from a few peeps you might have heard about.  You know  – Bart, Meb, Dean.  Yeah, THOSE guys.


Run Disney? Aw HECK yeah!!

I don’t want to give too much away about this piece of total awesome-ness, but what I WILL tell you is run and get the book.  (See what I did there? hehehe) You’ll LOVE it!  Promise.  Seriously.  Almost as much as I love a certain Little Black Dog and Moose Tracks.  Almost.


Enjoy the ride.

Have you checked out Magical Miles-The Runner’s Guide to Walt Disney World?  Did you find it helpful when planning your Disney racecation?

The Meaning of Life

Every once in a while, I stumble across a book that really hits home.  This is one of them.

Runners Guide

I don’t even remember where I first saw this book – more than likely thanks to one of you – but as soon as I saw the title, I knew I had to have it.  Kind of like some new, really cool running thingamabob.  So two minutes and a quick click onto Amazon later, this bad boy was ordered and on its way.

As I anxiously waited for its arrival from the book stork, (okay maybe not THAT anxiously – I actually forgot I had ordered it #Imadoofus) – I went about my training as usual.  Still not running yet, I was biding my time and letting all my various aches and pains heal before hitting the road again.  A couple of weeks went by when the book finally showed up and right into my trusty gym bag it went.  Little did I know, my literary – and running – psyches were about to be challenged.


Book in hand and thirty minutes on the recumbent bike went by before I even knew it, I was that caught up in Amby’s words.  Amby Burfoot, an editor-at-large for Runner’s World magazine, and a fellow native Connecticutian, (yup, made that one up too), won the Boston Marathon in 1968 and has run more miles than I can even count.  The Runner’s Guide to the Meaning of Life is his story of what all his years of running has meant to him.  And so much more to those of us who do.  SO much more.

Amby Burfoot

I have a sneaking suspicion that, aside from the differing points of view on listening to music while running, Amby and I are long-lost relatives.  This is based on no other assumption than this.

Oh, yes.

Oh, yes.

Amby considers this “greatest running song of all time” – at least according to this Black Dog – as one of his all-time favorites.  Anyone who knows me, or at least knows the three wild dogs who helped raise me, (aka my brothers), fully understand where I’m coming from here.  My heart may belong to Bon Jovi  – and let’s face it girls, who’s doesn’t? – and my dupa may move to Pitbull, but my ultimate move-it music belongs to the Boss.  See?  Cousins, at least.  Gotta be.


I don’t want to give anything away.  ANYTHING.  This book is just too darn good for that.  All I’m going to tell you is if you’re low on mantras, you’ll find plenty to refill your motivational tank.  Need to look at this crazy sport in a different way?  Check out pages 1-150.  Feel like meeting the man himself?  Attend the Manchester Thanksgiving Day Road Race on any given year.  He hasn’t missed a one since about 1963.

So if you’re still sitting here reading my senseless, dollar-flying drivel, then go to Amazon and order what should be required reading for every runner.  Go.  Now.  GO.  I’ll even make it easy for you.  You’re welcome.

Runners Guide

Click here. No here. Really. I wouldn’t kid you. Okay maybe I would, but not right now.

Enjoy the ride.

Have you ever had a book just “speak” to you?  What was it?