Why Can’t We Be Friends?

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For a nation that’s supposedly one of the most advanced in the world, we are absolutely pathetic when it comes to animal welfare.  There is no one organization that keeps track of animal abuse statistics, and it would probably be completely inaccurate anyway.  Just like with domestic abuse and rape, animal abuse goes way, way, under-reported.  What does THAT say about our society?

I will admit it – I am a TOTAL breed snob.  I truly believe that Labradors are the greatest breed ever and you will never get me to change my tune on that.  That being said though, there aren’t too many breeds, including mutts, I don’t love.  There are plenty of breeds I don’t trust for various reasons, but dogs are what we humans make them.  Irresponsible breeding, puppy mill conditions, abuse, neglect, and just plain nasty human nature will ensure animal shelter workers will always have job security.


So what do we do to change the culture?  Education and spay/neuter programs are a drop in the bucket compared to the abuse and overpopulation problem.  But as a nation, WE CANNOT GIVE UP.  Can’t afford to donate?  Go ahead and donate your time, that won’t cost you anything except a few hours of your time.  You just may end up with a new furry friend, too. 🙂  See someone abusing an animal?  Step in!  Or at the very least, call the police.  Know about a secret dog-fighting ring?  Call it in!  You can always remain anonymous.  Whatever you do, JUST DO SOMETHING.

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As dramatic as it may sound, it has been proven time and time again that some of the world’s most notorious serial killers started young with abusing and killing animals.  Oftentimes, they were victims of abuse themselves. How many animals, and later, humans, might still be alive had someone paid attention to how f-ed up Jeffrey Dahmer was when he was just a kid?  And those are just the ones we KNOW about.  Feeling a little nauseous now?  You should be.  I know I am.

But then you have people like this.  People like Eddie Alvarez who travel to the Everglades every day in an attempt to rescue poor animals who have been dumped there by uncaring, stupid people, who think nothing of the pythons, alligators, and any number of other various predators that call this giant swamp home.

Who do you think would win this fight?

Who do you think would win THIS fight?

I’m going to get down off my soapbox now and leave you with this thought.  How we treat “lower” life forms is a reflection of who we are and what we consider important.  For a girl who grew up afraid of dogs and now can’t imagine ever living without them, that’s a big deal.  A REALLY big deal.  So take a moment and think – what does your opinion of animals say about you?

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Enjoy the ride.

Have you ever witnessed animal abuse?  What did you do about it?  Do you agree how we treat animals is a reflection upon us?  What do/would you do to help save an animal?

We Can All Do Good Stuff!

A little while ago, I was clicking my way through the blogosphere when I ran across this awesome little ditty.  Danielle is a proud mama of Madison the mini dachshund, author of the blog Live, Run, Grow, AND who also, as it turns out, is a prior resident of the frozen tundra commonly referred to as the great Northeast, just like me!  A crazy avid runner and yogi, Danielle and crew reside on Long Island, where she is currently pursuing her goal to become a physical therapist.  You know, those guys we runners just love to hate but can’t live without.

You want me to WHAT?!?

You want me to WHAT?!?

Aside from having a common obsession with running and yoga, we also have a common love for critters.  What’s that? You had no idea I was over the moon crazy about critters?  Guess you haven’t been keeping up with my never-ending flood of Instagram Calypso pics now, have you?  Bad, bad blog friend.

What's that?  You DON'T know who I am?!?

What’s that? You DON’T know who I am?!?

Anywho, after some soul-searching,  Danielle decided to run in this year’s NYC Marathon.  And the BEST part…..wait for it……is she was going to run as charity runner for the North Shore Animal League!  Yay!!!!!!!  What’s the big deal Black Dog, you may be asking yourself.  And that may be a very good question.  Here’s why:

1.  When I started earning my very own paycheck at the ripe old age of 16, North Shore Animal League was the very first charity I ever made a donation to.  Call me a sentimental idiot, but it’s nice to see after all these years, (be nice now!), this awesome-sauce rescue is still doing what they do best.

2.  Being the mom of a rescue, I can’t imagine a better charity to help support while training for one of the world’s greatest marathons.

3.  How can you not love a place that came up with the Cat’achino???

With soy milk please.

With soy milk please.

I don’t want to take up any more of your time when you should be checking out Danielle’s posts here and here.  Check ’em out then hit that DONATE button.  I guarantee it will leave you with a warm, fuzzy feeling inside.  Honest, it will, I promise.  Calypso even says so!

Go!  Now!  Go!

And I am awesome.

Enjoy the ride.

Hurry!  That warm fuzzy feeling is a-waiting!