Never Forget

I know I’m normally amusing you on Fridays with some of the funniest stuff I can find on the interwebs, but not this week.  So as you go about your day, please remember how our world was changed on that beautiful fall day, all those years ago…


Enjoy the ride.

Where were you when you heard what happened that day?  Has it affected how you live your life?

Today We Honor

Today we honor those we’ve lost.


Today we honor those we loved.


Today we honor those who sacrificed.

first responders

Today we honor the heroes we might not otherwise remember.


But through all the tears, the sadness, and the heartache, we go on.  We heal as a nation, we heal together.  And we will never forget.



Enjoy the ride.

I hope you take a moment today and remember the thousands who lost their lives on that horrible day.  We owe it to them to never forget their bravery, sacrifice, and amazing acts of unselfishness which allowed so many others to live.  We owe it to them to LIVE.