Friday Funny

As I have a 5k tomorrow – yes, I actually signed up for a race somewhere other than Disney – I figured I would need all possible advantages at my disposal.  Even if includes taking out the competition by less than graceful means…..



Enjoy the ride.

Have you ever fallen victim to one of “those” runners?  Did someone have to pause your Garmin or drag you across the finish line?  Or were you the perpetrator of such shenanigans?  Do you have a race this weekend?

Wonder Mutt Wednesday

Not THE Wonder Mutt but still oh so true…..

WMW fart dog1

Enjoy the ride.

Okay, let’s hear it.  We’ve all had to deal with them.  Little sneaky poots, tear-inducing, or room clearers?  Do they feign ignorance, sniff and yawn, or wag the tail to help disseminate the aroma?  Can you believe I’ve actually come up with all these questions??