Friday Funny

Ahhhh, the season of all things pumpkin is upon us…..

FF Come-At-Me-Bro

Enjoy the ride.

Are you one of those seasonal pumpkin freaks?  #eatanddrinkallthepumpkinthings?  Do you think it’s possible to overdose on all things pumpkin?  Or are you celebrating because the younger mutts in your abode have finally returned to school and you finally have some peace?  And perhaps celebrating with a little extra “fall” colored liquids added to your pumpkin spiced latte?  Go ahead, you can tell me.  I’ll keep your secret.

2 thoughts on “Friday Funny

  1. I do love all things pumpkin, but I also think it’s gotten a bit out of control. I haven’t had anything pumpkin flavored yet, but I’ll break soon, I’m sure. I was actually contemplating a PSL this morning…

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