What The…..?????

As I’m buried in work at the moment, I just wanted to pop in and ask just one question….


The theories are already filling my Twitter and FaceBook feeds and will probably continue until next season.  In the meantime, thank you dear writers for ONCE AGAIN, torturing my feeble-mindedness when it comes to plot twists, conspiracy theories, and intrigue.  These poor little exhausted brain cells can only take so much dragon breath.  Thanks.  Appreciate it.

Nice.  Thanks.  Big of you.

Nice. Thanks. Big of you.

Enjoy the ride.

Why do you think we continue to torture ourselves with these cliffhangers that you ALWAYS know are coming?  Do you feel as though you watch too much TV?  Is your skin turning a lovely deathly shade of pale due to the lack of daylight it’s been getting?  Have you found yourself talking in a strange accent telling your sibling, “If you ever call me sister again, I’ll have you strangled in your sleep”?

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