Friday Funny

Oh yes……

FF bathing suit

Enjoy the ride.

Who’s with me?  Does even just the thought of putting on a bathing suit fill you with feelings of dread, anxiety, waves of nausea and the sudden need to see if you can suck the fat cells out of your thighs with a vacuum cleaner?  Or is that just me?

6 thoughts on “Friday Funny

  1. Haha, it is so hot here right now. I just bought a maternity swimsuit “just in case.” I really don’t see myself putting it on because it scares the heck out of me. Ugh!

  2. Eff bathing suits. Just eff them so hard in the a. I HATE bathing suit shopping. I have never once ever in my life found a bathing suit top that fit my boobs, and the bottoms are either too tiny or give me muffin top or something. Blergh.

  3. I agree with DarlinRae^^^ eff them so hard in the a!! Who decided that a swimsuit was appropriate attire?? I hope that person was tortured to death. What gets me is that seeing someone in a bra & underwear would be totally socially unacceptable, but bathing suits? Go for it! STUPID!

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