Finally, A Resolution! Almost.

And the saga continues.  But this time, the end is actually in sight!

I'm so excited I peed a little!!"

I’m so excited I think I peed a little!!”

I went to see The Man #2 this week.  AND HE ACTUALLY GAVE ME A SOLUTION!  Hallelujah, amen, praise Wonder Mutt, and all that good stuff, we now have an answer to getting the worse of my two knees finally fixed.  It’s not a guaranteed 100% fix, but it should be enough to let me run more than a couple of miles.  FINALLY.

So while I wait and sit back while the doc’s office takes care of all the insurance stuff, (say WHA??), I’m on a mission to drop a few pounds.  I figure it will only help speed up the healing process if there’s a few less pounds weighing down my poor old beat up joints.  After all, they’re going to be made brand new by one of these bad boys.

Lifetime replacement guarantee!

Lifetime replacement guarantee!

Well, maybe just a wee bit smaller, but you get the general idea.  Knock me out, smooth me out, wake me up, and watch the post-anesthesia shenanigans commence.  (I have a history of being quite comical when coming out of anesthesia.  Just ask the hubs about the ride home after the infamous wisdom teeth extraction incident.)  Three days on crutches, 4-6 weeks recovery, and girlfriend is BACK IN ACTION.  Can I get a woo hoo?!


Sadly I will be out for this, otherwise I would regale you with a photographic play-by-play.  Not really, but I bet some of you got all excited for a minute there didn’t ya?  It’s okay.  Admit it.  Blood and guts and bony parts are awesome aren’t they?  Yeah, not so much.  Thankfully, I’m not expecting a whole lot of blood loss this time around.  I mean really, this guy does this for a living.  How much of a mess can one guy make in 15 minutes?  Oh right.  We’re talking about a GUY.  Oh dear…..

Enjoy the ride.

Have you ever had surgery before?  How did it go?  Did you have the cast of Seinfeld dancing in your room afterwards?

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