What To Do, What To Do

I know I owe you guys an update on the soap opera that has become my knee injury – which I know you’ve just been SO excited to find out about, right? NOT – but if we’re gonna roll with that story, then I might as well regale you with the total excitement of the situation.  You.  In the back.  Quit snoring.  This is cool stuff.


See? Cool stuff. I know, I know….not so much.

Hang on anyway, because I’m going to need your input here.

Remember when The Man sent me for MRI #2?  In case you’re hung over and not exactly comprehending stuff today, that’s what you see here.  Cool stuff, right?  I THINK SO.  Anywho, no big surprise, I’ve got chondromalacia in this knee too.  YEAH, NO KIDDING.  *As a side note, the guy who was scanning me, (hehehe, no worries, hubs was standing right next to him while I was getting scanned), noticed that I have a hole in my shin bone (see arrow).  While sadly, that isn’t the cause of all my troubles, I think it’s a neat little bit of useless trivia.

“I’ll take useless trivia for $800 Alex.”

“For $800.  What would you find if you performed an MRI on Black Dog’s right knee?”


Yes, one day Black Dog parts will make it to national television.

Where was I again?  Oh yeah, The Man.  So he calls me a few days after the scan, tells me about the chono, chrondo, WHATEVER it is I’ve got going on in there, and tells me he’s going to have me see his partner – from here on out known as The Man #2 – for a consult and possible – wait for it – “arthroscopic debridement.”  Sounds pretty damn impressive, doesn’t it?  I THINK SO.


“Ooooooohhhhh, impressive.”

So while I wait to go see The Man #2, I have a quandry on my hands.  My personal voices of reason – Kellie, Nicole, Lisa, and Rae – have already weighed in and told me I was out of my mind to even THINK about running again.  Hubs and I see it this way – how much more damage can I do getting a couple of runs in over the next couple of weeks, since not running at all since November hasn’t done squat to make things any better?  Now, I’m not talking heading out for any 10 milers, just a couple of easy 2-3 mile jaunts.  Such is my current conundrum.

thinking baby

Canun, conan, co what???

This is where you come in.  Do I keep on faking it on a bike, or do I dust off the Brooks and go back to my happy place, even if it is only temporarily?  (We’re only talking until my next appointment in about a week, when we find out about possible surgery).  I’m curious to see what you all think.  And also see how fast I can actually go when I have to run away from my own personal Jiminy Crickets when they come screaming after me – right ladies?



Enjoy the ride.

Let me know where you weigh in on the debate – stick to the bike or hit the road?  Do you think I’d be an idiot to satisfy my severely depleted mileage addiction?  Let’s hear it!

14 thoughts on “What To Do, What To Do

  1. Sorry to hear that the doctor hasn’t given you any good news yet. I know its hard to listen (and I’m stubborn like you are), but even if it seems like not running since November hasn’t done anything, it probably has. Try to hang in there, I know it isn’t easy to be sidelined!

  2. I say no. 😦 And believe me, I get where you are coming from. I ran (with permission from the therapist) while rehabbing an injury and ended up prolonging the recovery by months. Think long term, big picture. I know that’s hard. Hang in there.

  3. I say do it. Break the rules! If you do have to have surgery, it’ll be a long time before you can go again, so I say satisfy your need with one (or two) last little jaunts…. maybe some “goodbye-for-now” runs. Don’t blame me though if something goes wrong.. this was your idea!!

  4. Another voice of reason here…..don’t run until you are cleared to do so. What if you did something horrible that permanently injured said leg…..no bueno, just go drink another margarita and skip putting on your Brooks

  5. Oh, Kim. Another voice of reason here. It sucks. It’s hard. But what if, by doing one or two little runs this week, you somehow makes something worse, or cause inflammation that makes the surgical procedure impossible? Then it’s really no more running, and you’ll be even more sad/angry/antsy. Be patient. Drink wine. Snuggle Miss Calypso. And wait to see Man #2.

  6. Here’s what I SHOULD say: Be a good little patient and hold off on putting on those sneakers and going out for a run, it’s only one more week until you’ll know more!

    Here’s what I WOULD do: screw it, the damn knee hurts whether I run or not so what’s the difference!

    Do what you’d like with that…

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