Ewww. Yeah, just Ewww.

What the heck are you talking about Black Dog? you may be asking yourself.  Well, lemme tell ya.

The hubs and I spend ENTIRELY too much time watching TV.  DVR’s and Netflix were created with for suckers like us.  I freely admit it.  That being said, we do have quite eclectic taste in our viewing choices.  So where the heck are you going with this, you may be asking.  Well, lemme tell ya.  Again.

Love this guy.

Love this guy.

I have no idea how we started watching this, but we’re hooked.  If for no other reason than to place bets on how many minutes into the show the inevitable Jon Taffer Meltdown occurs.  And when the show takes place practically in your own back yard, it makes things even more interesting.

As the name says, this guy comes into a bar that’s on the verge of closing its doors.  That’s when things get, well, eww.  Seriously, there’s no other way to say it.  Last night as I sat on the couch thoroughly enjoying some shrimp pasta salad, what do my exhausted eyes behold but Taffer, walking into a beach bar about 20 miles south of me.  A nasty, greasy, scummy, RAT-INFESTED beach bar.  (Suddenly the pasta salad wasn’t sitting so well).  And herein lies the Black Dog dilemma.  Thankfully, we’d never patronized this particular nasty-ass establishment.  But how many nasty-ass bars have we been to and DIDN’T EVEN KNOW IT?!?!


Somebody please kill me. Now.

You don’t like to think of the nasties when you go out.  And shows like this – all TV drama aside – make you think twice when you do and maybe cause you to take a little more notice of your surroundings.  Which is probably a good thing.  Because no one wants to see any of these apocalyptic creatures from hell running across your foot.



As with most of the Bar Rescue bars, this one of course would up considerably less nasty-ass.  BUT – and this is a big but – knowing how bad the owners and staff let this place get once, would be enough to keep me from ever wanting to pay a visit, even with the cool chick pirate thing they had going.  Which I’m sure is just me being somewhat germaphobic, but, you know….EWW.  Not to mention the chicas and I have suddenly developed an aversion to anything having to do with pirates.  Right Lisa?




Enjoy the ride.

Ever walked – or ran – out of place because of apocalyptic creatures from hell making an appearance?  Did you refuse to go back, even if the place was cleaned up?  Has your mutt ever partied so hard you found them in the above pictured position?

6 thoughts on “Ewww. Yeah, just Ewww.

  1. I try really hard not to think about it. Ben’s dad has really high standards, and monitors the health scores of local restaurants–he won’t go anywhere that has less than 80% scores.

  2. Yeaaaah, probably not good that I read this post while eating lunch!! LOL!! I’m not a big tv watcher unless it’s sports; I can spend ALL day watching basketball. And family feud 😀

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