Stress? Just Pee On It and Walk Away

As I sat here thinking about what I wanted to pollute my little corner of the internet with today, I started going though the extensive collection of pictures stored on my laptop.  It was no surprise the majority of the photos were of the three dogs I’ve had over the years, Ocean, Aspen, and of course now Calypso the Wonder Mutt.  As I browsed through the pictures, one thing became very apparent.  When you’re a dog, life is nothing but a big game of playing, eating, and just plain old silliness.



At the same time I was going through the pictures, the hubs said he was feeling tense and aggravated, leading to his blood pressure being a bit high.  The weird thing was, he had no idea why.  It was a gorgeous south Florida day, with a nice breeze blowing , the sun shining, and no plans except to cook out on the grill.  In other words, a pretty typical Sunday in the Black Dog household.  Which made me think – why can’t we all just take life the same way our dogs do?

Boogie fever, I got to boogie down!

Boogie fever, I got to boogie down!

I have these moments every so often, where I ponder life’s big questions – which bottle of wine shall I partake of today? Should I buy the Moose Tracks or make my own?  Should I go with the plain dark chocolate or the salted caramel dark chocolate?  You know, life’s BIG questions.

Ice cream.  Makes everything better.

Ice cream. Makes everything better.

I think recognizing what stresses us, and making the conscious decision to just chill the heck out, can go a long way to making life a bit more enjoyable.  I always like to try to take my dog’s view on life, like here.  Life is a party, just feed me, play with me, and occasionally rub my belly, and all is good in the world.  I know as humans it can’t always be quite that simple, but hey, we can always give it a shot, can’t we?

Calypso nap1


So the next time you find yourself stressing out over what, in the end, usually turns out to be over something stupid, then just find your inner puppy.  And if you can’t, then just bark at whatever may be invading your perfect world.  Even if it is just a kayak.

Think you can row on MY lake?!?!!!

Think you can row on MY lake?!?!!!

Enjoy the ride.

How do you handle stuff that stresses you out?  Can you get it under control or do you let things really get to you?  Do you think you would feel better if you barked at a kayak?

14 thoughts on “Stress? Just Pee On It and Walk Away

  1. If I stressed while driving, I love to yell at other drivers who are clearly in my way! Actually, when I am stressed a good treat or some cuddle time with Lulu makes things oh so much better!

  2. If I get too stressed I have to do something physical to distract myself, like go on a run until I can’t focus on anything but breathing! But the pee on it and walk away strategy sounds like something I could try lol

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