And The Ban Plays On

Yes, ban.  Not band.

We be jammin'!

We be jammin’!

It came as no surprise that Rita Jeptoo was banned from professional running.  It wasn’t even that surprising that Athletics Kenya banned her from competing for only three years.  I mean really.  Why would they ban one of their biggest cash cows for life?

Ha ha, fooled ya!

Ha ha, fooled ya!

Nothing is more disheartening than when you find out one of your biggest athletic heroes is a cheat.  Call it egg on your face or crap on your shoes.  You feel like an idiot.  Trust me, been there, felt that.

Ha, ha!  Fooled you too.

Ha, ha! Fooled you too.

What drives these idiots – yes, I did say IDIOTS – to cheat?  Money? Fame? Ego?  Combination of all three?  Who knows, or maybe more importantly, who cares?  I could go on an epic rant about how much these so-called “athletes” have disappointed, and just plain angered me, but what would be the point?  To give them even a few more moments of my time?  Nah, don’t think so.  What’s most upsetting about this behavior is this – people looked up to them, admired them, RESPECTED them.  And they took that respect and admiration and tossed it in the trash, giving it no more thought than a piece of garbage.


So let the Kenyans slap Jeptoo on the wrist.  Let Armstrong compete in something other than cycling.  WHATEVER.  I know who the real athletes are.  The ones who get up at oh-dark-thirty to get their training in before dealing with the little ones.  Or the ones who pass up a weekend getaway to get their 20-miler in before their first marathon.  And the ones who stop within sight of the finish line, just to go back and help an injured competitor.  Those are sports true athletes.

We got you.

We got you.

So to everyone out there who tries their best – even if it means best gets you across that finish line last – YOU are the real heroes.  No matter what the clock says, the scale tells you, or the size tag on your pants reads, be proud of yourself.  You get out there and do what you need to do every day, using only what Mother Nature gave you.  And if that’s good enough for you, that’s more than enough for me.  Be proud of yourself and what you are capable of achieving.  Because in comparison to these “professional athletes”, you truly ARE a champion.


Enjoy the ride.

What do you think about all this doping nonsense?  Does it lower your opinion about professional athletes?  What do you think drives these people to cheat?

14 thoughts on “And The Ban Plays On

  1. It is sad. I know I shouldn’t but it makes me question more of the elite athletes and if they are clean. I’d like to think elite athletes just have sheer talent but in the back of mind I wonder if they have found a way to cheat but haven’t gotten caught yet.

  2. Well.
    I once was a professional athlete, as in I got paid to do what I do. But, as many other like me, we are on the poor side of sports. No way I could just let the my legs take care of me and Doggy.
    I still have to work 8 hours a day and pull my workouts before and after work and the “gym” work during my lunch break.
    You have no idea how offended and violated you feel when you see the “champions” getting caught doing their shitty work.
    January was a month of “gold” in race walk, 5 Russians, all of them either world champions or Olympic champs, or both. Have been suspended because they were caught high as a kite.
    That triggered an investigation and now it seems like the whole system in Russia covers for race walkers who are caught by the Russian federation doing drugs. They don’t inform the international federation so the athletes aren’t stripped of their medals, however, they keep the athletes from competing so they aren’t caught by the international federation.
    Luckily those 5 were caught and they’ve been shamed publicly, sadly none of them will be forced to return the money they won or anything else.
    All these idiots should be send to jail and forced to return the money and prizes, they are scam artist, just like at Lance Armstrong, he has no shame.
    But now, after those Russians were caught, a friend who was 3rd at the World Championships, is now the World Champion.
    I’ll keep eating my Jolly Ranchers when I’m doing over 20 miles and think of them as doping lol

    • I was hoping you were going to weigh in on this issue Leo, as I was curious how a fellow pro would feel about it. And if candy is considered doping, then there’s a whole lot of us who would be screwed, lol! Keep strolling my friend, and take care of that mutt for me! 🙂

  3. Catching up on my blog reading after a long vacation and I had to comment on this post. Lance Armstrong actually just threw his girlfriend under the bus for HIS car accident. What is wrong with him? I go nuts with the cheaters at Disney when they cross the highway because they are too tired to run the whole 13.1 or 26.2 Don’t sign up, or don’t cheat.

  4. Yep, yep, yep. This pisses me off TO NO END. And for your exact reasoning. These cheaters are the people who become our athletic “heroes,” but then when you’re at a race and you see runners coming together to help someone cross the finish line, or you see a disabled person giving it absolutely all they have…you realized that THOSE are the true heroes.

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