Corral Crazies Anyone?

To all those stuck in the frozen tundra of the northeast – including various members of my family – think warm thoughts.

Beach House fishermen1

I’m sitting here watching Saving Mr. Banks for the umpteenth time – that PL Travers was quite the, well, YOU know – and following with morbid fascination the animated FB conversation over Princess Weekend corral placements.

"For the love of feathers Frank, get in the back of your darn corral, will ya?"

“For the love of feathers Frank, get to the back of your darn corral, will ya?”

Why do people get so hyped up over corral placements at every single runDisney event?  I get not wanting to start in the last corral if you’re not going to be walking the entire race, but geesh, is it really worth getting so darn worked up over it?  You’re going to start where you’re going to start.  You may have people finish in front of you and maybe people behind you.  But for the love of Mickey, YOU’RE RUNNING IN THE LAND/WORLD OF THE MOUSE!  How can anyone get their panties all in twist when THESE guys are on the course?

KN Villains

The villains are pretty cool too.   (Totally ripped off from Will Run For Ears.  Thanks Kellie!)

I think waiting for the corral placements to come out is always part of the anticipation of any Disney race, probably because it’s the final step before the actual event.  Will I be starting further away from the balloon ladies?  Will I be running for my life in order not to get swept?  Could I – dare I say it – possibly score an AG award?  Or – like me – just pray to the running gods that you can finish without the knees imploding.  A relatively pain-free race would be better than any AG award at this particular junction of my running career.

STILL waiting...

STILL waiting running gods.  Still waiting…..

Yet, the Corral Crazies continue.  I don’t know, maybe it’s just a mandatory part of race anticipation, like training and unfortunate, untimely belly blowups.  (Like that analogy, don’tcha?)  Everyone will always have their opinions and arguments over where the slower runners should be, whether or not PR’ing at a Disney race is possible, and who should get out of who’s way if they want to stop for pictures.  But my opinion is this:  run your race, whatever that may be.  Don’t sweat where you start as sooner or later you’re going to get the finish line (hopefully), and just take the time to enjoy what you’re doing and where you’re doing it.  And maybe – just maybe – if you’re in just the right place, at just the right time, you just might hear some GREAT singing.

"I can show you the course..."

“We can show you the course…”


Enjoy the ride.

Ever find yourself caught in the Corral Crazies?  Is it important to you where you start a race from or do you just do your best from wherever you begin?  Is stopping for character photos a big part of your race?  Have you been “lucky” enough to hear us singing during a Disney race?  Wish you hadn’t?

14 thoughts on “Corral Crazies Anyone?

  1. Let me play devil’s advocate here for a second. If someone wants to “run their race”, for many that might involve not having to trample over people to achieve what they want in the time they want it in. Is that enough to play Grumpy Cat all over the internet because you didn’t make corral A? Not in my opinion.

    I have only obsessed over corrals once. During my first and only marathon I was terrified of being swept and the thought of the “balloon ladies” lurking in the back of the last corral kept me up at night. But as luck would have it, I was placed in the corral next to last which gave me a buffer that I ended up not needing. Now that I know I can finish the race I truly don’t give a Bantha Poodoo.

  2. Whenever I enter a road race, I usually go all the way to end of the pack. A lot of people start running like crazy, yeah, because they gonna keep that pace for 10 miles.
    I just relax and do my own thing, the official time is gonna be the same, it starts when I cross the start line and finish, well, when I cross the finish line. For official races however, works different, we get placed like little kids by a race official, and you don’t dare to move because they can cut you.

  3. I will admit that I am eager to see the corral placement–but as you know, Kim, it is only because I want to see if my streak will live to see another rD race. I am not confident it will, but I still have a few fingers crossed.

    My only other concern about corrals is more about safety within your corrals. Ie run your race but don’t be rude or potentially injure people as you run. :).

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