Why Does Running Always Get A Bad Rap?

Yep.  Pretty much.

Yep. Pretty much.

Remember those days back in junior high basketball practice?  Countless hours of running back and forth between foul lines and center court, over and over and over and over again.  And over.  And over.  Get the idea?

Just. Shoot. Me.

Been there buddy.  Been there.

As I sit here watching NFL playoff action, it occurs to me – and I know nothing of what these guys do in practice – they must spend hours running up and down that field more times than they can count.  Soccer, hockey, baseball, pick your sport.  It seems like every other sport really does regard running as punishment.  Now I know most of these sports don’t utilize distance running, but probably more interval-style punishment.  But I think if you asked Walter Payton or Victor Cruz to go for a nice easy 10-miler, I imagine they’d probably look at you with an expression not unlike this.

Say whaaaaaaat?

Say whaaaaaaat?

I suppose just about everyone, even seasoned runners, view speed work as a necessary evil if they want to see any kind of decrease in pace.  It’s been so long since I’ve run, (2 months, 3 days, 21 hours, and 47 minutes – not that I’m counting or anything), that I only have hazy memories of lung-busting, star-seeing, hallucination-creating, visions-of-grandeur-inducing, sprint work.  Even though I hated speed work days, it always more of a love-hate relationship.


The road I’d rather not travel….

Whether it’s hills, LSD’s, speed work, or tempo runs, if running is not your sport of choice, it’s all ugly and highly detested.  Just ask any typical teenager who decides to get mom and dad off their back about lazing around on the couch all day by taking up something as non-sweat inducing as curling, (no offense Lisa!).

Best. Pants. Ever.

Best. Pants. Ever.

Really, when you get right down to it, 99% of the world’s sports incorporate running to some degree.  I mean really, how silly would it be if baseball players had to walk the bases?  Oh, wait a minute…..

HATE when that happens.

Hate when that happens.

So the next time you hear another athlete whining about having to run during practice, just smile and say nothing.  Let them think their sport is so much more demanding than yours.  You know who the tougher bad ass is.  And so do we.

badass runner


Enjoy the ride.

Why do you think some athletes hate running so much?  Is it the physical demands or how it can put even the strongest of athletes on a level playing field with an everyday runner?  Is it bad that I just can’t stop laughing at the Norwegian National Curling Team’s plaid pants??

15 thoughts on “Why Does Running Always Get A Bad Rap?

  1. This is a great post and I am not sure why. My husband played lacrosse in high school to stay in shape during the off season of hockey. He often remarks and does research on how far athletes run during certain sports. Soccer players end up running several miles. I swear they have to be in great shape. By the way, my husband joined a curling club last year and loved it….especially hanging out at the bar afterward 😉

  2. Those.Pants. Oh my goodness. With the sports thing, I think it’s because running often IS in fact ASSIGNED as punishment. Oh, you’re 5 minutes late to practice? LAPS! Oh, you mouthed off to the coach? LAPS! It’s a stigma! Stupid coaches making people hate running.

  3. I think other athletes hate running because it is usually used as drills…so therefore it kind of takes on that punishment mentality…it’s meant to fatigue and it’s meant to be hard and thus get you stronger….and if your only exposure to running is being bagged after doing wind sprints, then of course you are going to hate it. Plus, truthfully, running is hard. Especially when you are getting started….it’s probably the hardest because there is nothing else to distract you from your heart racing, your lungs heaving and your brain telling you that you should stop with every step.

    P.S. Don’t knock curling until you try it–sweeping is surprisingly aerobic and those rocks are heavy. Plus staying upright while sweeping can sometimes prove to be a challenge! 🙂

  4. You forgot the beeping deafening sound in your ears after 6×1/4 miles intervals when you know you still have 14 to go.
    I like those pants, I’d wear them, where nobody knows me, but I’d wear them.

  5. I hated running until just over 4 years ago. Who knew I would grow to love the sport. As for those pants, check out the golf channel on Sundays and you will see some pretty funny outfits that include the “loudmouth pants”. They are ridiculous just like those curling pants!

  6. I used to hate running before my dad said we could go to Disney in January if I worked up to running a half marathon there! I have way more mental motivation to run than I did 3 years ago when I started running. I played basketball in high school and I tried to get everyone to be more positive about the sprints we had to do (especially when I was doing them the day after running the WDW half!). But, sadly people still groaned when our coach made us do sprints. The sprints were only to help us in games though!

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