Okay everybody. Get Set. Hug Your Dog!

Calypso has a boyfriend.  Actually she has a couple of them.  Who can blame her?  Just LOOK at her.

Hi there!

Hi there!

One of her fave guys is Ollie from Running With Ollie.  Ollie is just the handsomest boy who lives with his mom Lea, in Texas.

Do you think this is my good side?

Do you think this is my good side?

 And Auntie Lea told us yesterday that January is National Hug Your Dog Month!  Who knew?!

puppy love

Now, many times our mutts don’t really appreciate this human display of affection.  They see it as you trying to dominate them, so say the experts.  It’s the butt scratchies and belly rubs that rule the Laws of Affection in this Black Dog House.  Wonder Mutt has shamelessly placed her butt underneath an unsuspecting dangling hand on many an occasion, in an attempt to obtain said aforementioned butt scratchies.  Shocking.  I know.

A little to the left please.

A little to the left please. Ahhhhhh……

But whatever form of affection your dog prefers, just make sure to let them know they are loved, protected, and rule the roost. (Even if they really don’t.)  It’ll do wonders for their non-existent egos, but will go a long way for getting them to do what you want them do in the first place.

Sit here and look silly?  Got it!

Sit here and look adorable? Got it!

So from Calypso the Wonder Mutt and all of us here at Black Dog Productions, we wish all our canine friends and Happy and Healthy Hug – or Scratch the Butt of – Your Dog Month!

I love you man....

I love you man….


Enjoy the ride.

How do you show your dog affection?  Do they like it or simply tolerate their embarrassing human’s attentions?  You know they’re utterly humiliated when they’re hugged in front of all their doggy friends.

6 thoughts on “Okay everybody. Get Set. Hug Your Dog!

  1. Bennie is not thrilled around other dogs, he has typical small-dog ititis and believes he is the Alpha no matter what size the other dog is and doesn’t let it go. So we don’t have any photos of him around other dogs. 😦 Oh well, he does the butt in the air thing quite well, when no one else is watching or wants to sleep in some old fart’s lap all the time.

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