Friday Funny-New Year’s Edition

the day after1


Enjoy the ride.

Here’s hoping your New Year didn’t start off with you regretting that 5th fish cocktail.  Now up and at’em!  You’ve got a marathon to get ready for! Kellie!

6 thoughts on “Friday Funny-New Year’s Edition

  1. I think I should have indulged in more cocktails,,,,,I now have a horrible sore throat and spent yesterday afternoon at the Urgent Care only to find out it is a virus. I told the nurse practitioner that I had to run 10 miles Sunday and she said, “well you can, but you are not going to feel great”. okay then…I just need to put on those sneakers and suck it up! Getting sick as my New Year’s present stinks!

    • Oh Pam I am so sorry! I celebrated 2012 coming in with pneumonia so I feel your pain. The hubby’s cure for a sore throat is Crown on the rocks. I’m not a whiskey drinker, but he just may be on to something there. Try it and let me know how it works. Feel better 🙂

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