New Year’s Resolutions? Who Me?

Yeah…..not so much.


How many of you get sucked into the annual whirling vortex of all things New Year’s promises, just to find yourself back on the couch stuffing your yap with leftover Christmas cookies and Moose Tracks? You?  You?  You too?  You there, the one with the hideous Christmas sweater?  No, the one next to you.  Yup.  I feel ya.  Why do we insist on this annual rite of passage just to find ourselves back at square one a few months later?

fat cat

It’s just a little holiday weight.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for starting over and hopefully getting things right.  Unlike retail stores who make their profits starting on Black Friday, I think fitness centers absolutely LOVE January as their sales go up exponentially.  And each month after that, the numbers slowly but surely start to decrease, but the money has already been deposited.  Kudos to strategically timed membership sales.

I’m no different.  From November until now, my visits to gymworld have been, well, less than stellar – noticeable in both my pants and the scale.  Hello Black Dog Blob, how you doin’?


Every year I tell myself I will resolve to NOT make any resolutions, and I usually do a pretty good job at sticking at it. HA! Who am I kidding?  I may not necessarily SAY I’m making any resolutions, but you can damn well bet your dupa I still do, at least in my own game-show-dollar-machine-whirling brain.  Resolutions that usually include me swearing I’m going to end the year looking something like this.

Oh Abby, how do you do it?

Hey, a girl can dream, can’t she?

Inevitably though, reality eventually sets in, (somewhere around the 4th gallon of Moose Tracks), the F5 tornado of my brain calms down, and I get back into normal operating mode: eat as healthy as I can, (Moose Tracks and cheese aside of course), chase the elusive sleep elf most nights, hit up the gym, (but only to the point where I don’t feel the need to choke the ever-living crap out of someone), and pray that the running gods look favorably on my knees.  And swear that THIS will be the year I bust out of Introvertland and PR in SOMETHING.  Even if it is in new-found patience.


I invite you to come along with me on my journey to Challenge and Acceptance Land.  It should be a roller coaster ride of epic proportions, with momentary pit stops for occasional food and wine indulgences, backed up with chocolate and margarita side trips.  Sound good to you?  Well then, let’s not waste another moment of valuable time.  Please secure all personal items below your seat.  Make sure your mutt’s seat belt is securely fastened, and hang on the hell on.  Because I’m sure the ride is going to get very bumpy at times.  But the adrenaline rush will make it OH SO WORTH IT.




Enjoy the ride.

Do you fall into the New Year’s resolution pit every year?  Ever stick with them?  Is wine or ice cream an integral part of them?

20 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions? Who Me?

  1. I love resolutions, gives me pleasure to tick them off after a year.
    Make them with some common sense and don’t fall into the ‘I have dream’ trap and it’s doable

  2. Wine makes part of my New Year’s resolution list and also a key factor of my decision taking lol
    Every year I tell myself next year I’ll curse less, I usually end up having my big last week of cursing, you know, the last bit before you change your life. This year wasn’t the exception, it was an extremely profane holiday season.
    Hope you have a great 2015.

  3. I think resolutions can be useful as long as they’re “SMART” goals–Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-oriented. That being said, I usually fail at them anyway.

  4. I honestly have never had a resolution. I tend to stick to a mostly healthy lifestyle most of the year. Sure I super over indulged the past few weeks but now it is time to get back into my yearly healthy habits. That being said, I know that resolutions can work really well for many people. And they also annoy me because the gym is packed for the first two weeks of January.

  5. My new year’s goal: TO RUN WITH KIM AT WINE & DINE AGAIN IN 2015! Kellie and I will carry you the whole way if that’s how we attain that goal.

    • A stellar goal to be sure! Hopefully, carrying me will NOT be a consideration. But if so, then at least the load can be divided among all of Team Can Am. And I can feed you baked goods along the way for that extra bit of energy while singing Kellie’s latest rendition of Golden Dreams.

  6. I remember reading somewhere that people are more likely to succeed when they do have set goals in mind, so I think New Year’s Resolutions do help in giving a better chance to actually succeed compared to having no goals or plans at all. It’s really a hit or a miss with these resolutions, but I guess it just really depends on how much one wants to make them work. If one doesn’t stick with a resolution, then that person probably did not want to make it happen as much as he/she should or certain circumstances prohibit him/her from doing so. Either way, they’re fun to look back to, whether they have been accomplished or not.

    • Especially if said goals include setting new records for the amount of empty wine bottles one can fit in the recycling container on any given day. A lofty goal for sure, lol! 🙂 (I just can’t take anything seriously. Except what’s on the wine label. I’m hopeless. Really. I am.)

  7. I think New Year’s resolutions are for someone else and clearly not me. I watch people fail every year and just think they should be smart and dig into a bowl of ice cream every night like me. That will make for a healthy happy 2015!

  8. this is the first year where I thought about it and now I’m thinking I might not make them…Perhaps make a few monthly goals throughout the year…it’s weird, but I’m excited or the possibilities to evolve as things *crossing my fingers* hopefully change throughout the year. 🙂

  9. I don’t make resolutions but a year is such a solid time frame to set certain goals. So I try to set specific stuff to do like run a full marathon or reach sub 3 hours on the half. I see it as planning for the year ahead. A thin line maybe but its been working. What I refuse to do is set vague, great-sounding, but not really planned resolutions at the last minute before midnight. That sucks. Lol

  10. I’m not really in to resolutions – they just feel so forced sometimes – but I do think the New Year can be a good time to stop and reflect on what you may want out of the upcoming year. And for those who do really want to make a change in their lives, New Year’s is a good time to do it!

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