It’s The Little Things

Ever notice how this time of year seems to – occasionally anyway – bring out the best in people?  I know it’s hard to believe sometimes, especially after the absolute crap situation in New York City this weekend…


It seems now more than ever, the human race has declared war on itself.  No matter what side of things you may be on, it might behoove class homo sapiens to stop.  Take a moment.  Breathe.  And remember what’s REALLY important – not just at this time of year, but all year long.


I work with a woman who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.  She doesn’t make a lot of money, keeps things as inexpensive and affordable for herself as she can, and does her best just to get by.  She’s currently undergoing chemotherapy, has lost her hair, and is exhausted more often than not.  But you would never know it.  She still comes into work every day, smile on her face, and a kind word for everyone, no matter how crappy she may be feeling.

Knowing her situation, one of my coworkers suggested we chip in and get her something for Christmas.  No brainer really.  We decided a gift card to a local grocery store would come in handy.  Let me tell you how that woman’s face lit up when she opened the card and saw what was inside.  You’d have thought we’d given her a winning Powerball ticket.


Later that day at lunch, I was telling the hubby about how happy my coworker was with her gift card.  Without a second’s hesitation, he pulled open his checkbook and wrote her a check.  All the while saying, “this is what you do when you have so much and other people are struggling just to put food on their table.” (Spoiler Alert: just one of the many reasons I absolutely adore this guy!).  When I got back to work and handed her the check, the waterworks started again, followed by the obligatory “I’m not gonna take it, oh yes you are” argument.  Needless to say, I won that fight.


As we get all wrapped up this week in gift buying, cooking, decorating, and whatever other chaos this holiday may bring, don’t forget about those who aren’t as lucky.  Those who have no family, no money, are far from home, who are just down on their luck could use a little pick me up too.  And it doesn’t even have to cost anything.  After all, when’s the last time you had to pay for a simple word of kindness or a hug?

Labrador hugs


Enjoy the ride.

Do you know someone who may down going through a hard time right now?  Is there someothing you can do to help them, even if it’s something small?  What could you do to make the holiday just a little bit brighter for someone?

13 thoughts on “It’s The Little Things

  1. This is an absolutely beautiful post and sums up everything I feel about this time of year. Getting in the giving spirit will give you ten fold what you feel receiving gifts. There are so many people who could use just a little help or even just a hug and a Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays. Thank you so much for sharing that story!

  2. So sweet. I absolutely love giving, but it’s nice to be reminded that giving comes in many forms, and people other than close friends and family need a lift this time of year too.

  3. Really beautiful! We need to remember these things year round, not just at the holidays.

    (p.s. – That man of your’s is a keeper! If he has a single brother, send him over to my blog 😉 )

  4. Beautiful post! I just did a little something special for a woman who works with me who had an incredibly tough year. I bought her a little something special for herself and she burst into tears. Then I burst into tears. And my heart grew 10 sizes. 🙂

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