Food for Thought

Sometimes you come across a blog post that just sticks with you.  When I find one of these, I typically star them in my email knowing I will want to revisit the post and possibly use it as fuel for a future post of my own.

One of my favorite bloggers is Sarah over at Running on Healthy.  As a former competitive ice skater turned running/fitness coach and personal trainer, she has a unique perspective on all things athletic, especially related to running.  As I often get behind in my blog emails, I have to clean house every so often and just delete the posts I know won’t really interest me – usually product reviews, kid-related stuff, and recipes.  You know – because that would cause me to spend more than 15 minutes in a certain room in my house that I really don’t have much affection for.  It’s all yours Lisa.


But it’s a very rare occurrence for me to delete any of Sarah’s posts.  They may stack up for weeks, but when I finally get around to reading them, I’m glad I didn’t hit the delete button.  One of these posts, Sometimes It Comes Around, was one of those posts.  I find it kind of ironic timing that I went back to this particular gem at this particular time of the year.  You know, when peace and good will toward men is at the forefront of everybody’s brain? Or so I hope.  Because sometimes, it seems not so much.


Remember when the movie Pay It Forward came out, and everybody seemed to jump on the bandwagon?  Why did it take a movie to make people start thinking about being nice to someone else – for no other reason that just to BE nice?  Granted, we’re all human and we all have really crappy days.  (You can just ask any of my accountabilibuddies about that one.  We all had a pretty tough one last week.)  But crappy days aside, is it really that hard to just be nice?

I love you Momma Bear.

I love you Momma Bear.

I’ve read so many blogs this year about people doing the most amazing, NICE things for complete strangers.  One blogger – and I apologize that I don’t remember who, other than a fellow Disney Dork – decided that for her 30th birthday, she was going to do 30 random acts of kindness at Disney.  Extra tips for cast members, drinks purchased for the next person in line, thank you cards for housekeepers, the list went on and on.  Can you just imagine if everyone did that for their birthday?  I think maybe, just maybe, the world would be a more beautiful place.

beach sunrise

I know that probably sounds completely unrealistic and maybe it is.  But when you see something happen, like Sarah did in her post, it makes you have just a little more faith in human kind.  Remember Moon, the Pit Bull whose owner’s ex buttheaded boyfriend poured boiling water on?  So many people called the animal hospital with donations, they had to actually ask people to stop calling as they had already raised more than was needed. (Thankfully, Moon was able to go home after about a week.)

moon the pitbull

What did I do wrong?

It’s actions like this that prove people are generally good at heart.  And no where is that more evident than among the running community.  As many nasty runners may be out there, there’s twice as many great ones.  The ones who tell you that you can make it to the finish line, the ones who stop to help pick you up when you fall, the ones who let you use the port-a-potty first, and the ones who wait until that last runner has crossed the finish line before they leave, just so they can cheer them to the finish.  Small things to be sure, but to that struggling, hurt, or exhausted runner, they mean the world.

Div III State Track

I got you.

So as you head out on your daily trek to work, Christmas shopping, the gym, or anyplace where you may find people, take a moment and see if you can help someone out.  That elderly lady with the walker may just appreciate the fact you held the door open for her, or the mom with the screaming baby will be eternally grateful that you helped carry her bags to her car.  It’s the small simple things that don’t cost you a penny, yet mean so much.  And you never know.  One of these days, all those kind deeds may just come back around to you.

Enjoy the ride.

Have you ever been the recipient of a random act of kindness?  Have you ever done something nice for a total stranger?

13 thoughts on “Food for Thought

  1. Oh thank you so much for those incredibly kind words! You gave me chills reading this. This is the perfect time of year for random acts of kindness. So many people are feeling alone and could use just one random awesome. I just read an article yesterday about an elite runner that thought he crossed the finish line and stopped too soon. His competitor could have taken advantage and sailed past for the win but instead he stopped and waved this runner on and let him win because he earned it. I love when competitive athletes show real heart. And I love the idea of 30 acts of kindness for your birthday. I am definitely going to do that!

  2. This is a great post and yes, during the month of December, actually it started Thanksgiving week, Tom and I are doing something nice for a stranger. The Angel Tree gifting was the first week. We had two little kids and we bought a bike and some other cool stuff for the other child. Then next week we chose a couple in the restaurant where we had lunch and bought their lunch too. (he had a Vietnam vet hat on) And last week, I took a Chick Fil A peppermint shake to my hairdresser, oh wait, he is not a stranger but it still was an awesome surprise for him and he is now addicted to them! This week, we just moved so I need to do something quick!

    • That is awesome. The hubby told me he was in line at the store yesterday and thought about buying the guy’s groceries behind him. Which he did NOT do. When I asked why not, I got the “because I’m a total idiot” look. Oh well, maybe next time he’ll be more on top of his game. 🙂

  3. I gotta start following Sarah.
    I’ve been extremely lucky in my life, have always met great people that have helped me a lot.
    I’ve been moving around for ages and always have met someone who sorta adopts me. I feel the moral obligation to pass it on.
    I’m known as the “Ramsey of Seville” by the homeless who sleep around my street. I love to cook, but have the habit of cooking more than what I’m able to eat and I also hate to eat frozen food. So instead of throwing it away I prepare little containers and take it down to the guys down the street.
    They are fans of my curries, but “you can make them less spicy” they say.
    I started putting less green and red chili, gotta please your customers lol
    When I’m gone for more than a week and they see me again they throw a party.
    Today for you, tomorrow for me.
    You never know where life is gonna take you.

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