Christmaspalooza. Or A Feel Good Contest Featuring…You!

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‘Tis the season for all good stuff, right?

Good stuff?  Check.

Good stuff? Check.

As I’m not a contest sponsoring kind of blogger – at least not in the usual sense – I decided to hold a different kind of contest.  The fun factor of this one will be entirely up to….YOU!  Intrigued yet?  Here’s the dealio:  I’m going to give all of you until December 19th to submit what you think are the best five things about Christmas – according to YOU!  Nothing is off limits, whether it be spending time with family or Charlie Hunnam’s great, well, you know. 🙂  I’ll go through all the entries and, with Wonder Mutt’s valuable input, pick out the ones we love the most.  For my blog post on December 24th, I’ll post the top ten best things about Christmas as written by the Black Dog Blog Hounds.  What could be better than that?!  Okay, plenty I’m sure, but don’t you think it’ll be fun to see what people think are the best things about the most joyous time of the year?  But what’s the prize Black Dog? you may be asking yourself.  Well, how about one big, fat, slobbery, glorious, everyone’s life would be complete with one, Wonder Mutt kiss?

All this.  Just for you!

All this. Just for you!

Fingers already itching to get started?  Then get on it!  Email the Wonder Mutt, (and me as she doesn’t read so well.  Yet) at  Remember, get me those goodies by December 19th!


Ready?  Set.  GO!!!


Enjoy the ride.

Let’s hear it!  What are you favorite things about the holidays?  Did you start hearing The Sound of Music playing in your heard when you were reading this?  


17 thoughts on “Christmaspalooza. Or A Feel Good Contest Featuring…You!

  1. I can’t pick just 5 things…can I get a kiss from Wonder Mutt anyway?!?! What if that’s my favorite thing about Christmas? It’s the season of giving as in Wonder Mutt gives me a kiss! And then I give her many many many hugs. MANY hugs.

  2. Very cool idea. That picture from Main Street USA is one of my favorite views for Christmas.

    Will the slobbery kiss be mailed in the form of a jar of slobber? And will the jar be Christmas themed? 😉

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