2 thoughts on “Friday Funny

  1. Today, as I entered the doctor’s office, you were on my mind and another friend Sarah who has recently been in a boot for a foot injury. My recent ankle/foot injury has not healed very well and after nearly two weeks, I was certain there was something seriously wrong. To make matters worse, my blood pressure is sky high from an impending move that was supposed to take place a week ago, and the house is still not finished…..dam* builder. So, you of all people can appreciate my squeal when my doctor called less than an hour after my visit to inform me that my foot has no sign of a fracture. (They took 3 xrays and she also did alot of probing) It is the best and only good news I have had this week. But I’ll take it. Hope you are doing okay with the less than ugly shoes. Have a good weekend.

    • Being my running guru that you are Pam, I’m glad to hear it was nothing serious, especially nothing that requires ugly shoes! And yes, I always like to try and find the good parts, even when it seems like everything is going to dog poop. I think if we don’t get the poop every so often, then we can’t appreciate the non-poopy days! Good luck with all the goings-on and might I recommend a nice glass of wine with a side of Moose Tracks for the BP! 🙂

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