A New Day

Yup.  Totally going there…

feel fat

Love the plan.  In theory.  Realistically, probably won’t quite cut the mustard.

With my new Man-imposed running hiatus, I have to pay attention now more than ever to what I’m shoveling down my yap.  I tend to start pushing maximum capacity when I’m not running.  So together with my partners in crime: Rae – who, coincidentally, joined the ranks of the married peoples this weekend (yippee!!!!), Princess Lisa, Nicole, and Kellie – we are TAKING CHARGE of our fat cells.  Or at least that’s what we’re telling them.  Stubborn little buggers.


What? You want us to go away? HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

So it’s a new day in the Black Dog House.  The days of chowing down on everything in sight because I would just run it off anyway are long gone.  No more double scoops of Moose Tracks, one more mini peanut butter cup, overindulging in cupcakes, or second glasses of wine.  Did I mention these are on the no-fly list too?

Evil little sugar and calorie laden bastard....

Evil little sugar and calorie laden bastard….

Kill. Me. Now.

BUT, this is a necessary step in the evolutionary process that is my fitness journey.  Don’t get me wrong, I can work up a pretty good sweatfest on a bike or power walk with the best of them.  Maybe not quite Leo style, but I can wear out the Wonder Mutt after about a mile or so.  However, let’s not kid ourselves – nothing works quite as magically in the battle of the bulge as running does.  At least not for these stubborn, fat-loving genes.

So back to the Weight Watchers way of life and Monday morning weigh-ins.  I figure that’s the best way to keep you on the straight and narrow during the weekend.  Except when the hubby says, “let’s make pizza on the Big Green Egg this weekend.”  Who can say no to beautiful creations like this?

BGE pizza1

We. Are All. That Is Pizza.

(Heavy sigh)

So as I sit here daydreaming about the amazing grilled wonder of delight we had for lunch today, and scarf down a bowl of Moose Tracks laced with birthday/wedding/Half Marathon PR/Decorated Christmas Tree cupcakes – because what kind of friend would I be if I didn’t virtually celebrate these momentous occasions – I have to formulate a game plan.  So here it is:

1. Eat less crap.

Yeah.  That’s pretty much it.  I can probably stand to get the dupa to the gym more as well.  I just don’t want to go there too much.  I go too often, I inevitably end up getting annoyed with someone, and my little hour of sweaty, heart-pumping bliss becomes a hellacious nightmare of barely controlled insanity.  Due to the likes of the guy who insists on doing arm circles on the recumbent bike next to me and barely missing taking out the left side of my skull, or the woman who REALLY needs to try a stronger deodorant.  REALLY.

So if there’s any magical weight-loss/smaller-jean-size pixie dust out there in the great void, please feel free to float this way.  Or north.  Way, way, WAY north.  Anywhere between the east coast and the frozen Canadian Tundra will work.  Thanks.  Appreciate it.

pixie dust


Enjoy the ride.

Anyone taking on a new eating challenge?  Do you find the irony in the timing of me trying not to eat all the crap at this particular time of year?  How do you keep your weight under control if you can’t run?  Do you think the fact that Moose Tracks is the world’s most perfect ice cream is a conspiracy?

22 thoughts on “A New Day

  1. Sorry, but it sucks to be you right now. Here’s the deal though…..play “let’s make a deal” with your food choices. You can’t give up stuff during the holidays, but you can skip things that are only partially appealing. Besides who doesn’t like to fill up on salad and water before attending a party or special dinner. And skip that Moose Tracks, Haagan dazz coffee is way better, or Blue Bell peppermint bark (seasonal new flavor that is yum yum good)

  2. I totally understand this and have been there too many times to count. And I usually start off thinking I will be so wise with my eating and then there is cake! I have always done best when I just plan ahead and honestly aim to be just on the verge of hungry. It’s hard when you are use to running and eating!

  3. My goal over the holidays is trying to “spend” my calories on things that are really worth it – ie things that are really special or items that I don’t get to eat all year. During my meals out, I try to have a balanced portion of veg and protein and cut out the breads (aside from a small serving of stuffing because it is my favourite). It generally works pretty well for me and the most I have gained over a Christmas is 2lbs and that has been when I was playing host to my family (which means I’m cooking, baking and doing a whole lotta taste testing).

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  5. I actually just had a similar conversation with my husband that I really wanted to start paying better attention to what I eat. Cape Cod potato chips used to be our treat when we’d be on Cape Cod for a couple of weeks over the summer, but now that we LIVE on Cape Cod, I don’t need to be eating potato chips all the time!

    I eat fairly healthy in general, but I need to watch out for those “not so good” eating nights that keep sneaking their way in – like when my run club goes out after our run every Tuesday night to a bar that has my FAVORITE THING EVER – FRIED PICKLES!! I need to remember I don’t need to get them EVERY WEEK even if I did just go for a run!

  6. I actually think this is the best time of year to start! I know there will be lots of temptations, but even if slip and fall mouth first in to a plate of Christmas cookies, you will be much better off than if you didn’t even try! I go by the 80/20 rule… If I am good 80% of the time, the 20% that I mess up is better than if I was bad all the time! You got this!

  7. Oh, the irony of attempting a healthy eating challenge starting the week of Thanksgiving… Let’s just say I’m not off to a great start. But I think us accountabilibuddies can keep each other on the straight and narrow (if we can stop our enabling ways). I think my secret weapon this time around will be Sunday meal prep–lunches for the week!

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