Wonder Mutt Wednesday

I freely admit I totally stole this from Buzzfeed Animals.  Even if you only have a passing interest in critters, go check them out.  I guarantee some of their daily pics will have you crying from laughter!

WMW shoe dog1

“You may or may not want to check your shoe situation.”


Enjoy the ride.

Okay everybody, ‘fess up.  How many shoes, bags, or other various non-official doggie chew toy items has your mutt claimed as his/her own?  What’s the worst thing – in your opinion – they’ve ever eaten/destroyed/pooped out in the yard?

8 thoughts on “Wonder Mutt Wednesday

  1. My beloved Harley never chewed any shoes or possessions, but she used to climb up on my bed and gnaw the corner of my bedside table. It took me a while to realize, at which point, the thing was toast. But I’d rather have her chew that than my shoes!

  2. Can I answer with a cat instead of a dog? lol cuz my cats sure have ruined a lot of stuff… including an entire Papasan chair, and 2 brand new shirts the day I accidentally locked them out of their litter-box area. They are also continuously ruining my new brown suede couch with their little claws!! but they’re just so freakin cutteeeeee!!!

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