12 thoughts on “Wonder Mutt Wednesday

  1. I think Doggy is mix of all the things you mentioned.
    He’s a jerk at times but then he comes and acts all nice. Sounds like an abusive relationship.

  2. Our sweet old guy got sprayed for the first time a couple of weeks ago. The shame!!!!!! Now, however, he’s got a vendetta against the skunk and looks for him everytime we’re outside so I think we’re headed for d-bag territory.

  3. This cracked me up. Our dog is too small to be out on her own, but the dog sitter thinks she’s brilliant. She taught another dog how to use the doggy door! I guess that would count as superior dog intelligence!

    • That is great! I love watching dogs learn from others simply by imitating what they do. My first Lab, Ocean, would see my other Lab, Aspen, taking up my attention. She knew Aspen couldn’t NOT stay away from any toy, so Ocean would go get one, and Aspen would invariably go take it from her. Once she did, Ocean would sneak right into her now vacated spot right in front of Mom and have all the attention for herself. Tell me that’s not some in-depth doggy thinking!

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