Don’t You Wish Life Had A Rewind Button?

So in an effort to be proactive about finding out exactly what keeps causing this…

Oh.  It's YOU again...

Oh. It’s YOU again…

I decided to take myself off to the experts.  Seeing as I conveniently live within a reasonable distance of a major league football team, I figured why not avail myself of THEIR medical miracle workers?  BUT, of course, one must go to one’s own doctor first, because heaven forbid one just take oneself off to said experts without permission.  This lovely jump through the hoops excursion landed me in the exam room yesterday of a doctor I had never met.  An hour past my appointment time. After sharing the lobby with some germ-emanating woman who actually sneezed in her hand then used that same hand to write her name down on the sign in sheet.  E-GADS.

Say it isn't so!

Say it isn’t so!

Here’s where my aggravation factor multiplied exponentially.   I simply want to jump through the appropriate insurance company hoops to get a referral to see The MAN about my ITBS.  Next thing you know, I’m laid out on the table for an EKG (normal), and given forms to go get my blood supply sucked dry.  (Actually, more like just getting my iron level checked, but it sounds so much more dramatic when there’s a vampire connotation involved, doesn’t it?) Then, as if I wasn’t already aggravated enough, I have to explain to THEM (as in the office staff – you know the ones who deal with the insurance hoops EVERY DAY), what THEY need to do with the insurance company so I can go see The MAN.  Me.  The PATIENT.  Am I the only one seeing the horrible dark comedy of errors in this whole situation???

Be afwaid Black Dog. Be vewy, vewy afwaid.

Be afwaid Black Dog. Be vewy, vewy afwaid.

So instead of actually having a productive day, I will be spending it on the phone arguing with my, playing intermediary between my doctor’s office and insurance company, all in an effort, to – here’s a novel idea – TAKE CARE OF MYSELF.

So let me take this moment to apologize dear readers, for the momentary lapse in sanity and rant against all things medical.  Hopefully though, the light at the end of the tunnel will be that I DO actually end up getting to see The MAN, who will then proceed to tell me in the first five minutes of my visit that he knows exactly what is wrong with these blasted IT bands, and can fix them in 20 minutes or less.  Or even 30.  I’ll take 30.  Maybe there will even be some hot, retired football player waiting in the lobby when I get there.  Nothing wrong with a little bit of eye candy to brighten up the wait.

How you doin'?

How you doin’?

Enjoy the ride.

Do the hoops you have to jump through for insurance companies make you absolutely insane?  Have you ever just wanted to scream unintelligible curses at your doctor? Have you actually done it?  Did it get you anywhere?

22 thoughts on “Don’t You Wish Life Had A Rewind Button?

  1. Yes I have definitely wanted to scream at a doctor.
    I actually haven’t found myself in a doctor’s office since August which is pretty much a new record for me. My new insurance kicked in at the beginning of this month and I’m not sure how good it is yet, but as much as I hated my last job, the insurance was very good. I could go to any specialist I wanted without a referral. I really hope it’s the same way here.

    Good luck and I hope you are feeling better quickly! (And can see the MAN quickly too.)

    Also I have no idea who that football player is, but he’s hot.

    • How funny that I was thinking of your medical adventures as I was writing this! I know my BP is going to be through the roof before the day is over, but like a pit bull, I will not let this go until I get what I want. In other words, Dr. Kannell, The MAN. And even though I am a NY Giants girl through and through, I think the chances of seeing Jason Taylor in the waiting room are much greater. A girl can dream, can’t she? 🙂

  2. My husband is a Pharmacy Technician. I get to hear stories every day about how stupid insurance companies are. He gets yelled at by patients because the insurance companies are stupid, and even though he is doing everything he can (including calling their doctor and spending hours on the phone with the insurance) patients think it’s somehow his fault they can’t get their medicine.

  3. That’s one of the things I don’t miss.
    In here the public health system is good, but if you wanna see a specialist you may lose your leg in the process. Unless it;s something urgent as in falling off, you won’t get an appointment for sooner than a month.
    My company pays for private insurance, I love to just go online and look under specialist the one I wanna see.
    I even got a CT scan of my ankle when I has having problems, just because I demanded it.
    No deductible, pure joy!
    And guess how much that costs a month?
    Come on, guess!!
    You’ll never guess it right.
    I’ll give you a hint, includes full dental.
    Come on, try!!!
    53 Euros!!!!
    Crazy right?
    I’d have to sell my soul to Satan to get something like that back home.
    I hope you find THE MAN soon.

  4. Although we are lucky & have the NHS we do still have to jump through hoops so feel your pain, I’ve had to go see the Dr who called my problem “a deformity” & asked me what I wanted so I said a physio referral to which I was told it’ll take weeks maybe months. Luckily I popped into my local physio & they had my referral & said that the Dr was talking rubbish & got me in for next week. I’m also waiting on dental treatment which is going to cost me £400 😦 & is a prime example of where NHS fails – I either pay up or lose the tooth.

    So I am definitely feeling your pain

  5. That’s the great thing about Maryland. I crossed the state line to go to the physical therapist when my knee was bothering me, and in that state you don’t need a referral to see a specialist. I walked in without having visited a regular doctor in 15 years, their office lady knew exactly what to do and billed the insurance company directly, and the whole thing cost me one hour and $25.

  6. Maybe if you were going to see a physical therapist for the Giants instead of the Dolphins…just saying 🙂

    But this is part of the many reasons I try and avoid doctors (don’t yell at me, if things get really bad I go…eventually)

  7. Oh, my blood pressure is boiling just reading this post. Not only does my doctor not only make the referral, they make the appointment. It is such a time waster, because inevitably the appointment needs to be changed. I go absolutely nutty when I need a specialist. Can you tell????

    • I never would have guessed, lol! Even feeling like I know how to naviagte the tricky waters of the medical/insurance professions, just to avoid having a bill sent to me that shouldn’t, I still wonder at how difficult/complicated/RIDICULOUS it has to be. My knees bother me! I want to see the local expert. I should just be able to….wait for it….GO. Now there’s a novel idea!

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