A Reality Smack Up Side The Head and A Game Changer

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So by now you guys know I’ve been in the middle of a major pissing contest with these buttheads.

Bad! Bad knees!

Bad! Bad knees!

Actually, it’s more a little to the outside of the noses, but you get the idea.  This battle has been off and on for the past two years and brought my shot at a Disney PR back in January to a screeching halt.  Literally. Screeching, screaming, crying….you get where I’m going here?  Anywho, I thought I finally had a handle on it until last week when it got ugly again HERE.



However, after a couple of weeks of therapy – for the knees, not the head, which I’m actually starting to think really are connected – after switching up HOW I run – thank you Mr. Galloway and my new-found somewhat longer attention span – things are starting to look up.

Could it be? A giant can of TUNA FISH?!?

Could it be? YES!! A giant can of TUNA FISH?!?

As I was chugging my way CAREFULLY through an 8 miler this weekend, I suddenly got hit by lightning.  Not literally. More like a little hit.  Maybe more like a tap.  Can one get tapped by lightning?  (Sorry, Dug-Squirrel moment there).  In a brief moment of runner clarity, and after the accompanying smack upside the cranium, I made a sudden runner-life-altering decision.  In a flash, gone was the single-minded goal of a Disney PR at the Wine and Dine in three weeks.  In its place, in all it’s luminous glory, was THE NEW DECISION.  I’m no longer going for a Disney PR.  Instead, I am – wait for it – going to run it —— FOR FUN!!!!!  CAN YOU FREAKIN’ BELIEVE IT????!!!!! Neither can I!!!!!

And the best part – I decided to go the FUN route because I am finally getting the chance to run it WITH SOMEBODY.  Somebody, who runs like ME! (That would be the non-speedy type, BTW.)  Actually, TWO SOMEBODYS!! (Well, one non-speedy like me and one speedy.  But she loves cupcakes as much as I do, so she’s in).  After all the excitement when runDisney released the corral assignments last week, and finding that Accountabilibuddy Kellie was only one corral behind me, it was an easy decision to jump in with her.  And THEN, Nicole jumped in too!!!  Oh happy, happy runner moment!!!!


So the self-imposed runner pressure is off.  I’m still going to run the best Half that I can, but the priorities are now this:


2.  See exactly how many times we can sing the entire version of Let It Go from the start to the finish line.  And yes, Vegas is setting odds.

3.  Stop, drop, and #NardiChallenge with the Green Army Guy.

4.  Thank the Phoenicians as we fly by the Geosphere.  If you have to ask, I don’t know you.  And you should be ashamed of yourself.

5.  Did I mention? HAVE FUN!!!!! (And shooting for this look with my sister Accountabilibuddies far and wide at the after party. Plus cupcakes.)

Ladies? It's PARTY TIME.

Ladies? It’s PARTY TIME.

So with my new-found Wine and Dine outlook and attitude, I’m no longer going to freak if I’m not hitting the times I was previously shooting for in training.  I am a true believer in everything happening for a reason.  And I truly believe I was meant to slow down, (even if it DID mean by getting re-injured), tripping across the hilarious, where-the-hell-was-I-looking-for-humorous-outlooks-on-life before I fell into the blogs of Kellie, Nicole, Lisa/LindseyRae, and Jenn/Moon, and finding an alternative to painkillers and constant cursing in an effort to beat back the pain monster, (repeat after me, “lasers are your friend!”).

Sometimes the planets align just right, your dog kisses you with non-stinky breath, and your hubs brings you a cup of Moose Tracks just when you need it most.  And this is one of those moments.  Except the ice cream is vanilla and Calypso’s breath stinks like the fish she just ate.  It’s okay….I’ll take it.

Enjoy the ride.

What’s the last “aha” moment you had? Was it during a run?  Did you run into a tree or a swarm of  bees when it happened?  Did you even notice?

21 thoughts on “A Reality Smack Up Side The Head and A Game Changer

  1. Yes yes yes! See, I am a firm believer that ALL runDisney races should be run for fun! I mean there are SO many other races out there, but really, where else can you do all those crazy things you listed in the middle of a race? Not to mention you’re paying so much for a runDisney races – may as well take your time and get your money’s worth! : )

    • I never looked at it from the $$ angle, but you’re right! I think because I’ve always run them alone, I just wanted to get it done and keep my party peeps from having to wait too long for me. This year though, we will be hot on the trail of the #NardiChallenge! 🙂

  2. I’m so jealous that you get to run with the girls! 🙂 After running Disney for fun for the first time two short weeks ago, I would definitely endorse doing it if that is how you are feeling. I think each race should be raced based on how you are feeling. 🙂


  3. WE’RE GOING TO HAVE SUCH A GOOD TIME! IT’S GOING TO BE AMAZING! I need to start practicing my song of Disney Revue!!!

  4. Those daffy Phoenicians with getting all fancy with their alphabets. And those darn Egyptians inventing papyrus and taxes. I think my last epiphany hit during a short run, or an attempt at one…with two dogs and a stroller, it just wasn’t going to happen.

  5. I love this!! You sound so happy and excited about this race now!! What a great perspective you took on when things were starting to get very grey. Can’t wait to hear how many times you managed to sing Let it Go! Hakuna Matata!

  6. It will be soooooo much fun I just know you’ll want to sign up for the marathon and do that with us too! Come on, you know you wanna! openings still available 🙂

    Oh and umm you’re “not speedy” and my “not speedy” 2 VERY different not speedys! You and Nicole will feel like you’re walking (even during the running parts) while I’m about ready to pass out on the ground. BUT IT WILL BE SO MUCH FUN DOING IT!

  7. Great view to have. It’s good and can be fun to shoot for PRs and goals like that, but it’s also important to actually enjoy what you’re doing. And if pushing for that PR takes away the fun, I question why be out there? I try to remind myself about that too and it usually allows myself to enjoy it all a little bit more. I run for my health but also because I enjoy it. If I ever stop enjoying it, that’s the time to find something else.

    Thanks for linking up for Mickey Monday. 🙂

  8. Yaaaay! This sounds like the best epiphany ever. I agree with Danielle–you might as well get your money’s worth running through the parks and taking pictures 🙂 And being ridiculous with your running buddies of course!

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