Did Your Run Suck?

Ironic, isn’t it?

After this disaster of a run on Sunday, I could easily answer with a resounding YES.  So I woke up today with a slightly better attitude, if not more achy, painful knees.

Oh.  It's YOU again...

If only my thighs were this thin….(heavy sigh)

So after work today, off to the chiropractor/massage therapist I go. And after a massage beatdown and spaceage/techno/here put these freaky glasses on while I zap you with this…

Laser Therapy

…I at least felt like I had done SOMETHING to beat back the beast.  Along with tracking my food, hitting up the pool for some laps, and ending my day with some ohsolovelythisisfreakingkillimgme foam rolling and yoga stretches – thank you Danielle! – my day ended in a much better place than where it started.  Which got me to thinking…why DO some of our runs have to suck?  Is it like some kind of unwritten runner rule that you have to have the crappy runs to better appreciate the kick dupa runs?  Perhaps, but I think it is not for us lowly humans to question the motivation of the runner gods.  But we can sure bitch about it.

So where does one go to research further info on all things runner god related?  My go to is Beth of Shut Up and Run,  queen of all things brutally honest about the sport – especially, ahem, digestive related.  (Don’t ask, just read.)  Imagine my delight when I discovered she had written a blurb on runhaven.com covering exactly why your run might have sucked.  As I went down the list, things began to make sense.  Here’s why:

1. Dehydrated: Not so much, but I suppose I can almost always do better.  God knows I suck down enough grape Propel to fill a swimming pool.  Daily.

2.  Stressed: Yep.  Even after being so excited to FINALLY see a day with lower temps and humidity, I spent the first 5 miles just trying to maintain a consistent pace, something I seem to have a lot of trouble doing.  With an average goal pace in mind, I kept having to speed up in order to meet that time.  As each mile ticked by, and I was unable to hit that goal pace, my stress level started to increase.  A LOT.

3.  Lack of sleep:  Oh yes, you could say that.  Excitement over the anticipation of “perfect” running weather – at least for south Florida – had me wide awake at 4am.  4AM.  On a WEEKEND.

4.  Overindulged: Not an issue this weekend.  Ask me again the day after Wine and Dine. #partylikearockstar

5.  Bad attitude:  Well, it certainly didn’t start out that way, but after the first few miles of struggling to find my pace and settle in, I started to get more and more aggravated.  Now, that’s not to say all this led to my meltdown, but I’m sure it didn’t help any.

I don’t really think any of these specifically had anything to do with the stabbing, life-sucking pain that hit me halfway through my run.  I think that’s more just having a messed up body.  But perhaps one of your latest sucky runs may have been directly caused by any/all of them.  One thing I CAN agree with – wholeheartedly – is whatever your attitude may be before or during your run, if it all goes to hell, keeping your anger/fear in check, and taking proactive steps to heal whatever may be ailing you, will make all the difference in the world.  And on the pavement.  Not to mention your level of marital bliss.  Oh the insanity those poor people put up with…..

pavement runner

Enjoy the ride.

Have you ever let a bad run ruin your day?  What did you do to get yourself right again?  Did it result in injury to your head as you banged it against a wall?


9 thoughts on “Did Your Run Suck?

  1. Glad you ended your day on a better note.
    I no longer let bad workouts ruin my day, not because I’ve reached a higher realm or anything like that. But because most of the time when I have a bad workout I see it coming, for example, today I know is gonna be bad, I woke up late, went for the usual 8 miles early morning, had a poor breakfast, things are work are messy, gotta work 10 hours straight because I gotta fix someone else’s crap, likely to eat fast food. By the time I get home I’ll be shattered and to think I gotta do 8x1km. I know it’s gonna suck monkey balls. But gotta get it done.
    In short, stress sucks!
    Ohh well, I’m not done yet lol. The good thing about all what I said, is over the weekend, when I’m stress free, I feel like I’m flying, so it makes even average workouts feel like you’ve broken a world record or something like that.

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