“What? A Holiday Just For Me?!?!”

Yep, you heard it here, straight from the Wonder Mutt’s muzzle.  I was well on my way to boring the beejesus out of you guys with a lame vacation replay, when I happened to come across a picture on Instagram with the tag #blackdogday, (thank you Megster!).  Could it be?  Could it possibly be true that all our Wonder Mutt’s dreams had come true?  Somebody had actually made an entire freakin’ holiday for all dogs BLACK??!!??!!  It’s like biscuits and ribeyes were falling from the heavens!

So after my best thinking time of the day – which I’m sure you can figure when THAT would be, (and no, it’s NOT when I’m happily ingesting vast quantities of Moose Tracks) – after three hard-fought miles, I decided I would delay my torturing of your poor, loyal, blog reading souls from an endless vacation recap, (complete with step-by-step instructions on how NOT to “taste” too much wine while wearing high heels), and instead entertain you with a typical day, week, month, okay, YEAR in the life of the Wonder Mutt.  Complete with cameos of the CocoLake Wonder Ducks, Buddy, the ball-torturing, orthopedically(?) challenged Shepherd, and Mace, Hunter of All Things Squirrel.  Please feel free to pour yourself a glass of wine, scoop up some ice cream, and enjoy.  Any caption suggestions will be more than welcome.

Calypso Collage

Enjoy the ride.

And how did YOU celebrate National Black Dog Day?  Did you chase your tail, torture the neighborhood squirrels, or pathetically beg for belly rubs from your favorite humans?

10 thoughts on ““What? A Holiday Just For Me?!?!”

  1. I’m celebrating #BlackDogDay by taking my poor little doggie to the vet for shots and an annual checkup. She will not be amused at all.

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