Wonder Mutt Wednesday

Yes, we’re back!  And the inevitable boring, silly, obligatory vacation recaps will be coming soon!  Aren’t you excited?  Until then, let’s get back on track with Calypso’s favorite day of the week!

WMW lab cat

Enjoy the ride.

Have you ever had to deal with The Great Disappearing Critter Case?

2 thoughts on “Wonder Mutt Wednesday

  1. Yesterday I found 2 kittens while walking Doggy. It was a crazy night. Doggy wouldn’t stop crying and barking because I tied him to a tree so I could get the kittens off the street. Couldn’t get close to Doggy cuz he wanted to eat the kittens, couldn’t go too far because he would start crying. A girl came to help me, she decided to keep the kittens.
    Had I taken them home, they would have disappear in Doggy’s mouth. He doesn’t like cats.

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