Are You Ready For Some Football?!?

Thought I was rabid about World Cup Soccer?  Honeys, you ain’t seen NUTTIN’ yet!


Black Dog will return to regularly scheduled blogging after she finishes screaming at inanimate electronic media devices, pulling the limbs off NY Giants frustration dolls, and cursing enough to be mistaken for a rap star.  Trust me, it’s not pretty.


Enjoy the ride.

Could you be considered a rabid sports fan? For which team(s)?  Do you curse enough during major sporting events to make a sailor blush?  What’s your most creative curse?  No censoring here – let’s have it!

9 thoughts on “Are You Ready For Some Football?!?

  1. I have a potty mouth, so I’ll let someone else open the cursing way. I don’t wanna be that person, the person whose comment you read and you go “Wow! That guy is gross, what a jerk! Jesus, no censoring is one thing, but he went overboard.”

  2. I’m back.
    “Jesus Fucking Christ! I’d much rather have you fuck me dry in the ass, without a kiss and a call the next day than having to see an extra minute of this shit”
    That’s what I say when my team is loosing.
    “Fuck me hard Jesus!”
    Whenever I’m feeling like crazy in a race.
    Do we see a pattern here?

  3. I call Eli a pussy at least once per game…but I may have to change that since it’s mostly our non-existent O-line that allows him to get knocked on his ass every play. Seriously? You let THREE GUYS THROUGH! Come on!

    It’s gonna be a loooooooooooong season.

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