A Day Off? Huh?!?

To everyone celebrating AND laboring today – especially our men, women, and canines serving in our Armed Forces and public safety – a very Happy Labor Day and big, slobbery kisses from all of us here at Black Dog Runs Disney!


Enjoy the ride.


And what kind of shenanigans are we all up to on this fine day off?  Spare no details.  None.  Please.  I need some excitement in my life.

4 thoughts on “A Day Off? Huh?!?

  1. Thank you! I have been on nights all weekend and they were very busy! There was a nascar event up here that we cover so that used a big chunk of our resources! Today after waking up post night shift at noon I took the kids out for a bike ride and they’re now playing at the park :). Soon they’ll be in school and I can’t start back into more consistent running! :). What about you?

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