14 thoughts on “Friday Funny

  1. This might seem nuts but this is exactly why I am so excited to be starting work at an elementary school in a few weeks. After it was offered to me I got all nostalgic about being a kid in school again.

  2. I agree with Rae–naptime needs to happen! I can’t believe how much I hated sleep when I was younger…now I would kill for that extra opportunity to sleep.

    As for going back…meh..there are certain things that I wish I had done earlier or perhaps done differently. I think the thing I wish I had figured out earlier was how great running would be and how it would change my life. That and I wish I had taken the time to do a year abroad. The timing never quite worked out with school and trying to start my career, but I wish I had made it happen.

    • Nap time and more holidays! Hear that President Kellie? Get on it!

      We all have things we wish we’d done differently in our past but you have to try and live life with NO REGRETS. Your life is what’s made you into the awesome-sauce-baking-fiend-speed-demon that you are! And look at what superlicious buddies you have, lol! 🙂 Happy Birthday chica! XOXO

  3. I’d sell Doggy to go back to my teens, without having to go school of course, or college. Why do we have to go to school? We would learn morn if they made us 2 hours a day since we start talking. Child labor? Perhaps lol

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